Viper-5 sounds missing from both the content pack and the antigarry fix

Started by trenchman, 13-01-2012

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I noticed this problem a while ago, and have now realized after searching through the files that the Viper-5 shooting sounds were not added to the packs.

A way to fix this problem would be much appreciated- perhaps upload the sound files for the Viper-5 to the forums.
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The same thing happens to me, could the admins add it, or is there no file in the first place?

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I could have sworn that it sounded like the MP5 from HL1, w/e.


I have this problem also. Would be nice if it could be fixed please as i have a viper on my eco

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Yea, like Stickeywicket my Viper 5 sounds are the Half life MP5 sounds which is slightly odd and annoying.

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