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Unban: Spawnmax

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on: 06-02-2010
Name: Spawnmax
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:6858817
Reason for Unban: I was in eco bunker and found an artefact, i duped it, i knew it was wrong and i un-duped it. I went to the side of eco bunker (out of the way) and spawned my little shack. I was browsing through srp props and saw some odd props. I spawned one with the name "crystal" picked it up looked at it, Locke tele'd in. "I SAW YOU SPAWNING ARTEFACTS IN CONSOLE THAT'S AN EXPLOIT" I hadnt even done anything with them. I just spawned one and deleted it and he got all worked up about it. Now i know that spawning them is wrong. I have learned my lesson and wont spawn one again. But i had no intentions of "exploiting the system".
How Long: 5 hours
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