Unban: Icefire

Started by IceFire, 26-12-2009

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Name: Icefire

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:10019430

Reason for Ban/Unban: I was banned for "Minging" Eg: Dm, PhysAbuse, NLR abuse, Powergame, Metagame, and the list goes on and on...

The thing is, all these problems have been over months and months, i agree, i do some things that can be shite, but i make up, and i get punished other ways than banning E.g: Kicked out of Duty.

I know im a little on the annoying side sometimes, and on some occations i may shit up, but, to be honest you admins only hear the bad side about me. If you were to propperly roleplay with me, like lately, you wouldv'e realised that I am not that bad.

Also, some of my offences, were OOC, and admins just mis-understood them, E.g: Apparently i Physed a Body from an anomalie to steal its stuff. Firstly, i dont remember doing this, Secondly, if i did this, it was ooc because they died ooc.
A second example, firefight with military. I was confused, i thought i saw "STM" so... i was stming, then two choopers blow the hell outa me. They say that its hard to STM in choppers, i say that im comming back to injury rp. They start crying because i NLR abused.
A third Example, I was attacking a military base to save men, i cut through fence, a military sees me. We aims guns at each others heads. I say that i have planted bombs around the base, which was an IC lie, one of the military then Cry that i didnt Rp putting bombs down, THATS CAUSE I DIDNT! After that, zarrcik comes behind them, sprays his AK at them, and I ran away. The military blame me for DM.
There are lots more, and honestly, im just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

How Long: 11111 Minuites, but Im thinking its Perma.

Supporters: DarkAngel, Poxkillerd (MORE MAY TO COME) EDIT: Coletrain

I am sorry for my actions, and i feel that I had already learnt my lesson and been punished enough by being kicked out of Duty, and now I get punished a second time.

Thank You for taking time to read this.


I dont support this.

You have been warned time after time. NLR also applies to different characters also.


-support Nothing personal, but you never learned your lesson the first times.The one thing that comes to mind when I think of you is Powergame, so try and work on that. Also, doing bad and then doing good doesn't balance it out if you do it a countless amount of times.  On another note, 11111 isn't a perma...do the math.


Alex, it was suppost to be Perma.


Oh, well in that case I won't give you a -support, but I'm still iffy about giving  you a +support. Then again...you can just get banned again if you do wrong. +support



I never saw you RDM or NLR at all, Only thing I heard bad about you was Powergaming, But only slightly.



Although I have complained about you a few times, you are a generally nice guy and a good RPer, I think you deserve another chance..



Hes a good boy(?) now.
Another chance for him.



Maksim 'Wolf' Shuhtar - Dutier-Sniper
Paul 'Kalash' Ivanov - Loner


Much apriciated people who support me.


icefire is a great RPer and a great trader and he is the most active trader so we need him


This guy used Hacks and said he did in OOC.