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Started by Bacon007, 21-02-2010

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Name: Bacon

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:17908541

Reason for Ban/Unban: Hello HGN. I was banned not a while back for random death match sorry for all of them people i killed etc. I know this is wrong and I am hopein for a fresh start. I know what I did with my  community leader was wrong, I do enjoy playing your STALKER RP server. As it is one of the few in garrysmod, I'm really sorry for my mistakes. I would be gratefull if you would give me another chance on your server.

How Long: permantley

Supporters: N/A


Well, I say lets give him another chance. There was people who did much worser things, like uploading the Script, and others. And we did give them another chance. So I say lets give him another chance.


Thank you. It means alot to me for the stuff I done.

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This does not show that you have "changed" or will not do it again, this only shows you want to get back and play, we have gave out chances before to many other people, such as ScoutFreak, who we let back to play but continued his same minge-streak. If you really want to come back, you really have to put more effort into your application, and show proof that your willing to follow the server rules.

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