Started by Pawx, 17-01-2010

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*Austin Creed turns onto a tree, panting, Gunshots grazzing the tree.*
*Austin starts to load his rifle, saying "Mother fucker..That is the last straw, He's fucked up to many times now.."

*Another shell after another being loaded, Continuing to speak "For everything I did for him, What my Brother did, What I did..Fuck it, He's fucked now, Ryan....Your dead you little cock sucker.."

*Turns from the tree, Firing at the Freedomers, Screaming in rage.*

*After retreating and firing at the onslaught of Freedomers, Austin Creed bursts into the Garbage warehouse, panting.*
Griegerien Blendeefer Turns to him, A smirk on his face, Saying "Did you get the fucker?" *Austin Creed continues to pant, Saying "N-...No, The fucker...He's got a whole damn army!"

*Griegerien Blendeefer shakes his head, turning back to his PDA, Saying* "It was just one little bust, Calm down."
*Austin Creed shakes his head, speaking "No..No..It was more then a bust, He has grown to powerful, The power has gotten to his head, He dosesn't even care anymore.. Hell, I don't even know what he wants! He fucked up...Big time, No one fucks with me or my family....This means War.."


Heh I like the bandits point of view.  I'm suprised Austin knows me, I guess his brother's ghost must've told him a few stories.