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Traders Union Rules and Prohibitions List.

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What you see here is the Rules and Prohibitions list of the Traders Union of Chernobyl. All Traders carrying a verified  permit will be required to follow these at all times. The failure to follow these rules will be heavily penalized. Depending on which rule was broken, or prohibition broken, I will judge myself with your superior traders as to what your punishment will be served as. If you are here to take up this job; then I suggest you you follow this list properly. This list is to be taken seriously, and I hope you do.  


Rule 1. You agree that you follow the rules and prohibitions of this list. Failure to comply will result in suspension, or termination of your occupation. Punishment in the Traders Union is severe; for we manage an extremely important responsibility, and you will too.

Rule 2. Price undercutting is allowed, as long as it fits into why you are doing it, and brings you at least some form of profit. Undercutting is the act in which you sell a item available to you and your customer at a price that brings yourself small profit, but gains other things in return. Higher ranks may partake in this, for in most occasions it is too benefit the experience of other players. As long as it benefits role-play, earns you income, creates friendships, faction status's, or trust, then it may be allowed. DO NOT undercut so low that you make little to no profit, that is not the point of it. The point of it is too benefit other players, and you. Not swindle yourself of income or profit.

DO NOT UNDERCUT UNDER THE MENU TRADING PRICE EXTREMELY LOW. Doing so will result in a permanent suspension from the Traders Union. No questions asked. You MAY undercut the actual price of what you are selling by a small amount, but not so large that you are losing over 15-30% of your income. Do not EVER sell guns for half their price or lower. This will result in an extremely severe punishment

Rule 3. Faction suits are only, ONLY to be sold by traders under certain. extremely rare circumstances. If the player asks to buy the suit of their faction occupation, you are to request proof, and give them a warning. First, you must ask the player proof he had the suit. Second, you must warn them that if they are to be caught lying, they will be reported to admins of the highest authority and will be dealt with severely. This is not a joke. Before the whipe, faction suits were constantly being sold through unauthorized means. This rule applies to the factions of "DUTY, Freedom, Ecologist, and Military".

Rule 4. Faction EXO-Skeleton, Normal EXO-Skeleton, and SEVA suits must be sold at their listed price. The price listed in the Trading Menu is the price they MUST be sold at. No higher, no lower. They need an approval from one super-admin as well. Anything under super-admin does not qualify for an acceptable approval.  

Rule 5. Just because you are a trader, this does not mean you may overpower yourself. Do not use your power to gain an advantage that allows you to go on a "killing-spree".

Rule 6. You must serve EVERYONE, there is no exception to this rule. I am going to heavily enforce this one because every player needs a fair chance to play on the server. Whether the person you are trading with is a hard-ass military veteran, a blood-sucking bandit, or a touchy ecologist, it does not matter. You MUST serve anyone, and everyone. You may not serve a customer if they: Create violence, cause havoc, use improper manners, threaten you, attempt to kill you, rob you, swindle you, or lie to you. You may also refuse to serve a customer if you feel they are bringing your life at risk, or fail to RP correctly.

Rule 7.We traders are seen by many as non-violent, and very passive people. This more than half the time is not the case. While traders themselves are required to use the most non-lethal methods of completing their tasks, they may partake to hiring a loyal guard. You may hire anyone you please to take care of your dirty work. Be it a bandit, a mercenary, a Military-Stalker, or just a plain old Loner. You may deal with violent problems yourself, but expect too encounter heavily armed fighters through any battle you fight.

Rule 8. DO NOT SELL THE FN-2000 to anyone without the permission of a super-admin. End of story. You will be permanently removed if you do so without admin consent. This includes other players, and yourself

Rule 9 Will no longer apply! I will not limit the amount of traders on at one time simply because there are 3. If you wish to play your trader, go ahead. I will not stop you, and I sure as hell hope nobody does.

Rule 10 Will no longer apply as well. The Traders Union, is a Union. As a Union, we must work together. Team-work is one of the most important aspects of the Traders Union, and I will make sure it works. All traders will work together in one bar, or on their own if the please. Be warned, working on your own will be much more dangerous this time around, so be careful!

Rule 11 and 12 are still in affect. Guns are not free, but if you pay for them with your money, then so be it. Guns for us are cheap, but if you pay for them with YOUR hard-earned money, then fine. Do not give away guns or suits for free, end of story.

Rule 13. Do not undercut prices so low that you steal competition from the other traders. As I said, this is a Union. A union works together, as a team. I will punish any of you who does not follow this rule accordingly. You may undercut prices, but not so low that it steals business; that's ridiculous.

Rule 14. Show your superiors the proper respect, especially Big-Boss. We are traders, and proper etiquette, manners, and respect are a must for each and everyone one of us. You will be punished accordingly if you are not to. The Traders Union is built on these grounds, and it is how it has gotten this far.

I have noticed missions are becoming quite scarce. This is sadly the truth. The reason for this is, is that missions require unbelievable amounts of work. In the near future, we may receive a special observe feature, but nothing is certain. If you are to make missions, keep the reward able in your current income. Do not make a missions reward you can't afford to lose. Keep them fair, balanced, and rewardful. Reward what you think is fair.

Lastly, these rules do not fully apply to leaders. Leaders are not required to follow these rules, but they should at all times to keep it fair for everyone. I myself from time-to-time over-ride these rules, but it is to either gain trust, faction trust, or a friendship that will benefit the Traders Union.


Prohibitions are the restriction of anything that can bring a trader to phyiscal harm, mental harm, death, or any form of harm. This includes alcohol based substances, narcotics, excessive weight, and lack of physical activity.

Alchohol is prohibited in large amounts. Traders must stay in decent, bodily condition to ensure their occupation comes to a maximum possible growth. You may sell alchohol, and drink it in small portions. You should know the consequences to drinking alcohol in large amounts. Try Water, or Soda instead!

Drugs, and narcotics are totally un-permitted. Any trader caught using any drug will be punished accordingly.

That's about it. Follow these rules, and you'll do just fine.

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