Traders Union Roster. W.I.P

Started by klp4, 04-10-2009

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Alright, this is the new roster, for now. It will get updated and it might get changed, It's still under progress.
Minor faction traders will be choosen if there comes up an active STALKER/bandit group.

Big Boss
The Big Boss is the leader of the Traders Union.
He/She takes care of the Union and all the traders
while managing all the major business
and arrangements.

-Dark Angel (Unknown Character)

Helps the BigBoss to take care of the union
and all the traders.

- Open!                                                                      

Faction traders
Faction traders are stationed in a major faction's base.
They have their shop there, they wear the faction's uniform
and they supply all the members and people in the faction.

- Freedom- Yuri Alekseev [Ganendor]
- Military-  Sgt. Vasiliv Korselev [Sniper3124]
- Duty- Rowland Curtis [Killslim]
- Monolith-
- Bandits- Sergei "Hawk" Fedorov [Paintcheck]
- Loners- Hunter [TheJackal]

Neutral traders who work with everyone

- Desmond Sokolov [Alex]
- Serov Mason [Aviator]
- Griegerien Blendeefer [Ravanger]
- Nikolai Kadinsky [KlP4]
- Hephaestus [Megamaff]
- Petro Vasyli [|HGN| Chaos]
- Strongbow [Morbo]
- Cynthia Rose [Violet]
- Wolfe [Zaki]
- Ivan Rizov [Dug]
- Deloni Bezigato [ MangoMan]

Group Traders
Groups and non-offical factions.

BlackRain (Mercs)- |Blackrain|- Ferdinand Richo [|HGN| Szenti]

Arena team
The Arena team is a group of traders that take care
of the Arena and everthing regarding it.
These guys manage all the matches and events for the arena,
they take care of the all the gambling and they split the profit fairly.

Team leader- Open
-Dmitri Chornovyl [ISPYUDIE]

Barkeeps are the ones who own bars aka
they sell drinks , food , medical stuff but no weapons
or suits. Also if you want to sell weapons either buy some
from other traders , stalkers or move to the Loner Trader.
Note: It's possible to stay barkeep and sell weapons and suits
if you get permission from Leader.

- Rommel Lebejev [[5868]|Pvt|John Youth aka Marked-one]
- Aboka Yeoman Savereganty [Moss]
- Max Losmote [Icefire]
- Valdik Chrous [Poxkillerd]
- Bodran Kosnov [Sakna]
- Kyle Whiskey [bto]
- Kyle Briste [Verian]
- Tomko Pugach [Akira]
- Nikolai "Groza" Poloshki [Dark Assassin]

Contact to get the best trading spot for your character and to get to know what you can sell. Also to get assigned to the faction trader.
Dark Άngel

"I know who I am! I'm a dude playing a dude diquised as another dude!"

The myth says that Radek has two arms, the myth also says that the devil has two arms. Coincidence? I think not.

Dark Angel

Note to everyone under Barkeeps! You are not allowed to sell weapons and suits! you are barkeeps not traders!

Everyone who has "Contact Counselor" behind their names still haven't passed consultation !

With Lots of love "Dark Angel"


Dark Angel will give you a spot to trade from, to sell weapons armor or anything else, get them from the people marked in Traders.

Dark Angel

OK i'm really sick of this idioticy ... we have canon system which you people have to follow.

So if i'll get any reports about trader that sells shit which he or she should sell i'll instantly remove him/her and won't even care if it's true or not... YOu are generally asses and like to do stuff behind people's backs so it's time for some punishments.

Dark Angel

OK everyone who has " Removed "  behind their names have to give up the flags due to failure to contact counselor

Dark Angel

Updated the roster! Congratulations everyone who got accepted!