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Started by Silver Knight, 23-01-2010

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Silver Knight

The Roster

The Traders Union has been disbanded, following corruption, after the leader was killed, it went into disarray to the extent where things went out of proportion. Traders have gone to different factions or gone off on their own to provide their services to the zone, but retaining neutral respect for each other.

Legendary Traders
The Legendary are the best of the best. These traders have carved a name for themselves in the harsh Zone, and will be regarded as smugglers of legend. These men or women don't have to lift a finger to make their enemies disappear before they become a problem. It's not uncommon for these individuals to band a large mass of traders together, creating their own network of subordinates.
IC Name | OOC Name | Tier
N/A | N/A | N/A

Trader Elite
Trader Elites are one step higher on the food chain. These traders are experts in their field and will have access to the most equipment any trader can get. Most will band other traders into groups for profit, all we most likely pay others to do things for them, instead of tasking themselves with the job.
IC Name | OOC Name | Tier
'Night' | Orangereal | T2 Weapons T2 Suits - X

Trader Professionals
Trader Professionals are the top of the zone, they are highly reguarded as the best traders in the zone, accounting for most factions and stalkers. They give out missions and have one of the highest paid salaries in the zone.
IC Name | OOC Name | Tier
Dracovich Raka | Darkzerxx | T3 Weapons T3 Suits - X X

Faction Traders
Faction traders are traders tied to a faction, they are in that faction and provide financial and equipment to their faction, they can trade with stalkers but always at higher prices, they do not trade with enermy factions and follow the rules given by their commanding officers. They are allowed to give out missions depending on orders from their faction commanders. The major faction traders must sell their faction equipment only. Military and Duty Warsaw weapons, Freedom NATO, Monolith a mix of both factions and Ecologist with medical supplies, Artifacts, basic NATO weaponry & shotguns.
IC Name| OOC Name | Faction
Yuri Babikov | Yorty | Freedom
Dimitri Starkovsky | Kropfi | Military
N/A | N/A | N/A
N/A | N/A | Ecologist

Trader Veterans
These members are the elite members of the traders union, they are the traders who have made it in the zone and support whoever they wish to support. It's up to them what prices they use, although they are bound by respect and loyalty, for if a Veteran charges too much for a item, they will be outsold by other traders and if they charge too little, they are most likely to get a bullet in their head from hired goons by other Traders.
They may give out missions, but only to the extent where they potentially earn money from it, such as taking a contract from Duty to high some stalkers to do a mission.
IC Name | OOC Name | Tier
Silvia Svetlana | Reorp | T1 Weapons T2 Suits
'Oxide' | Deluxulous | T1 Weapons

Trader Amatuers
These are the new traders in the zone, ones who have just started trading, they are expected to try and earn money, although being so early in the trading buisness it may be hard, and charging too much won't attract much buyers.
IC Name | OOC Name| Tier
March | Ace | Basic
Andre Sergejko | Knife_cz | T1 Weapons
'Faustus' | CC | T1 Weapons
Oleksy Danylo | PictoWolf | Basic
Nazar Moltenovsky | Mleczko35 | Basic
'Moon' | {Ñ-D-F}»Ðante« | Basic-Trial

You can apply to be a trader here.

LoA: X

Strike: X

Awaiting Deflag and Removal:
Paintcheck | Hawk | Ultra Trader
Dutch | Joker | T2 Weapons T2 Suits
Eastwood | Killabreu | T3 Weapons T2 Suits
Steven | Vitaly Pokadot | Duty Trader

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