Trader Rules.

Started by Aresty, 25-07-2010

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Basic Trader Rules

1) You are a trader, act like one. You can not fight anymore, unless it's for self-defense, every trader that fights without a good reason will get their flag removed with no warning.

2) Do not mention the basic price oocly or icly, it's bad for business because players will know how much we charge.

3) Do not ass spawn stuff and sell it, I've seen a lot of traders doing that. You don't have a huge ass-hole where you can store all that stuff.

4) Traders selling a SEVA, SKAT, OR Berill must have authorization from one member of the trader mod team. Exo's and FN2000's require authorization from both trader mod members. Unique suits are admin trader only and require authorization from both trader moderators. Note: You STILL require authorization through app to even wear these suits. This is not a way around that. Also, faction traders are not immune to this. Sorry.

5) Newly appointed traders are to wait a minimum of two weeks before giving out traders reccs.

6) Any player who has a trader, that receives a ban from an Admin for any legitimate reason, related to a Trading foul and regardless of the length of time, will be removed from the Trader roster.

7) Being a trader and relating to rule One, you will not purchase any personal weapon beyond a SPAS-12 or TOZ (That means the Eliminator is off-limits) or you may choose to field yourself a Viper 5. You shall not suit yourself in anything beyond a basic sunrise. If you're fearful of being robbed/mugged/raped/etc then hire a few mercenaries or stalkers to act as guards and actually pay them for their services, offer them discounts, or both. This helps the non-trader players get a little extra cash in pocket and adds a more realistic sense of security for your business.

This is all I can think of at the moment. If you have any suggestions post them here.


Is it ok if we have hired people attack someone?Since sometimes I have my guys get rented out to do stuff for factions sometimes.


Yeah, that's ok. Aslong only your mercs do most of the action, and you just finish him off.


What if Monolith decides to buttrush you with 5 people? (like what happened on Friday.)


Amen, attack them in self-defence, but what was wrong in that event was the fact that other traders join in to kill 'em..


Updated as of 5/27/11

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<22:25:12> You were banned for 5 hours from the server by "Cole" (For trolling)
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Promising Young admins.