Those not forgotten...

Started by Duranblackraven, 11-02-2011

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Rammstein - Reise, Reise

A cold wind blew through the area, sending leaves of the dead trees from within the Zone swirling. A large form stood above an unmarked grave, one of many in the Zone. However, this one would prove special...this one would teach them you must make certain your enemy is dead; For even if there's a spark of life to kindle, the fire of someone's spirit will never be fully extinguished. The Preacher, ever loyal, kneeled and laid his hand on the hard dirt which grass had grown over through the long months. He removed a glowing ball of light from his pouch, staring at it. This one another of the miracles the Great Crystal bestowed upon a faithful follower, and it would be used accordingly. As he dropped it onto the ground over the grave he stood and backed away. The orb itself seemed to sink into the ground, filling and air with a blue light. The Preacher stood there, in his hand hung a crude necklace, adorned with severed ears instead of jewels. It would be a gift to an old friend, forgotten by all but him...

OOC: This is a taste of what is to come if things come to fruition. Exile, we've big plans...Monolith is not an STK group.


Ooh yes, please. The little story itself was good, can't wait for this event. I think I can even offer a hand in it, but foremost I would like to participate.


I'd be up for this if you would let me help.