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Started by Assassinator, 18-01-2010

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No, I'm not resigning. You sick-o's.

Anyways, Military PASSIVE ROLEPLAYS TOO. Just because my character has social problems doesn't mean you're all indifferent robots. Now, stop asking me to make Military better when you have no suggestions yourself, if you guys really want to go crazy I'll make you get on everyday or everyother day. But on a lighter note, you guys can passive with yourselves.



I had an idea.. but im new here.. so people wont listen yet XD

Might wait a couple of weeks then press my ideas on you all
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Please don't say your another one of the guys that think they could do my job better.. They are so annoying, anyway listen to assassinator or I will eat you all alive.
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Hey radek, you gotta get your computer fixed before you can eat me alive. Besides, we do passive! well... somewhat.. we do military passive. with patrols! that end in a fight... but we do drills! that end in a stalker dying... but we guard the base aswell! that ends with a patrol that leads to a fight... Maybe if the goverment supplied us with game systems and TV's we can passive bettur?

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I wonder if my suggestions have been implemented yet ...

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Quote from: KillSlim on 19-01-2010
I wonder if my suggestions have been implemented yet ...

People have already complained of your suggestions once implemented.


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