The Sanctioned: Code of conduct and Equipment Usage

Started by Steel, 22-01-2010

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The Sanctioned code of conduct

1. Follow the Council's guidance to the best of your ability.
2. Never bring unwanted attention to our place. We are a haven for other loners, not violent subjects.
3. Never Murder another loner. You will be instantly banished without a warning.
4. Never rob a fellow brother, be it a member of The Sanctioned, or another loner.
5. Want new weapons? Follow the conduct of "My money is your money and your money is my money."
6. Mercs, Bandits, The military and monolith are your enemy, tho you are outgunned, never engage alone.
7. Help a brother out! All loners are our friends, help them out, if they are under attack, assist them.
8. Try relaxing once in a while, we aren't about raids, sit around the camp fire, tell stories.
9. Leaving The Sanctioned means death. Blood In Blood Out. Unless The Council allows you to leave.

Equipment restrictions and usage
1. Bandit and Merc suit's are a strict NO. They are our enemies, do not wear their colours.
2. High Grade weaponry is only to be used by Veteran and above:
The G36, Groza, VSS.
3. Rookie jacket is available to Rookies and Experienced Stalkers.
4. Sunrise suit is available to Experienced and above.
5. Seva Suit and The Oblivion Lost Stalker suit is available to Veteran and above.
6. Loner Exo is available to Master and above.
The Reason we have these equipment restrictions is to keep us Canon.