The Sanctioned: Campfire Stories

Started by Steel, 23-01-2010

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On this page you can write IC chats and activities around the campfire.
It is also a form of you to keep active within the group if you cannot get on the server on certain times.
Or maybe your interested in joining?
You can ICly chat to official sanctioned members here. Just to get known within the group.

For santioned members or regular visitors to the camp site only


Gibbons, the renowned guitarist and Loner, sat beside the camp-fire and joined the conversation. The Loners clustered around the fire were discussing close encounters; Gibbons had the perfect true story to entertain everyone.

It was Gibbons' turn. He dropped the cigar he had finished smoking onto the floor and kicked it into the nearby water.

"The encounter happened about 2 weeks ago.'' Gibbons said. ''I was heading to the Freedom base to sell an artifact I had found. It was a rare one, 'twas an Urchin artifact."

"An urchin? You certainly are a lucky bastard." The Loner next to Gibbons muttered.

Gibbons laughed heavily. "Guess what! That Urchin was the third artifact I found that day!"
He and the other Loners chuckled, then Gibbons continued telling his tale.

"So, as I said, I was walking to the Freedom base; I could already smell the weed! Ha-Ha! I was then halted by two heavily armed men who wore no sleeve patch or consistent uniform. Both the men had SA-80's, and both were walking towards me from the X16 laboratory."

"Monolith?" The Loner to the left of Gibbons queried.

"What I thought, They were well armed and called each other by their rank. 'Father' was mentioned, they could have been Bandits but they're not well armed." Gibbons said as the other Loners were listening intently.

"We were beside the ditch that holds the road into Yantar, on the higher ground. The 'father' raised his weapon at me, I decided to rugby tackle him. We slid into the bottom of the road, the second Monolith followed as he slid down the slope." Gibbons continued.

"You should have been dead by then!" The doubtful Loner to Gibbons' left shouted.

"But I wasn't." Gibbons replied; and continued telling his tale. "Upon impact on the ground, he squeezed the trigger of his L85 by mistake and killed his counterpart! He certainly saved me a lot of work!"

The other Loners around the campfire chuckled, and were still intrigued by the Gibbons' entertaining tale.

"I took another chance and punched the Monolith in the crotch, because of course Monolith don't have any balls. It would have been a waste of a punch you see? Ha-ha! Well, something was there because he curled on the floor in pain." Gibbons continued; hoping the others weren't getting bored or tired of his tale.
He looked around, their facial expressions and tense body language suggested they weren't bored.

"At that time;" Gibbons said, "A blowout was heading our way. The ground began to rumble, all walks of wildlife fled into safety. I climbed into the cabin of a truck just before it hit; I never saw the Monolith again. Did he die? I hope so."
Gibbons hoped the Loners were entertained, and awaited a verdict.

"Well Gibbons my man, that was some story." The camp leader said, who seemed to be pretty satisfied with Gibbons' tale.
The doubtful stalker to Gibbons' right wasn't buying any of it.

"Oh yeah?" The Loner said. "I can top that!"
"Yes, we will be changed and we will march with him, then all the world will have his colour and his light and his madness."

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