The rich and poor wars

Started by Combine, 27-10-2009

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I hate when people that are on the server are like "lol you too poor to donate to the server and i can" or  you get donaters who are like "lol i donated im better than you" Its just pointless.....


I havent donated, and no one bothers me about it... i dont notice people being like that at all.


I may of not happend to you,but it still happends


IMO, It dosnt matter if you've donated or not, donators help the server, and they are rewarded with the flags offered, you know?

But I HAVE seen this, people being arseholes for small reasons, or just the fact they havent donated at all, meh, I dont like it but we cant really change it.



I have seen more people do the opposite and bitch out donators for donating rather than donators yelling at non donators.

This topic is useless. If people care causing problems in game, talk to an admin.


I would love to lock this thread saying that the Donaters pay for the server your playing on...


Locked this thread, donators pay for the server you play on.