The Monolith Information and Rp Guide.

Started by Ravanger, 16-02-2011

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Cannon for the Monolith is not completely solid it is somewhat like a jello, it is there but it is not solid and can be bent a lot of ways.

It is basic knowledge that Monolith was once a peaceful faction that turned hostile and is said to be defending the North from any non-monolith members. They are extermely hostile to most stalkers and are said to be unflichingly loyal to their cause as they will sacrifice themselves for their Monolith if need be. If encountered your best choice is to flee and not engage in combat unless you have a chance for victory or have no choice. The monolith are a frightful sight often assorted with mutants like zombies and bloodsuckers. They are feared and respected in the zone and should be avoided. Newly noticed is the interesting fact they are starting to dull down their attacking and raiding as they sit remaing protecting, they may not immediatly attack you if you pass by one of their cordons, but if you come to close for comfort they might end your life. (Basiclly I am turning a new leaf and trying to urge more towards protectors instead of raiders, more or less becomeing less hostile and this will develop more roleplay.)

Joining the Monolith is said that stalkers often are kidnapped and then are seen returned in the ranks of the Monolith unknowing of their past and now a mindless soldier for the Monolith.( To join Monolith simply message me or CC or another member to tell them your interest, often or not you you may be kidnapped and ask to join you can decline which will most likely result in your death. We require your permission to adcept you amongst our ranks.)
Monolith base is a dangeours placed filled with Psy and other dangerous elements. Going inside Monolith base is a death wish if you aren't properly fitted and geared.