The First Catholic Church of the Zone

Started by Nikolaz72, 05-01-2010

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WARNING: If you try to rob us then you will go to hell, no exception!

Backstory:The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church,is the world's largest Christian church. With more than a billion members, over half of all Christians and more than one-sixth of the world's population, the Catholic Church is a communion of the Western, or (Latin Rite) Church, and 22 autonomous Eastern Catholic Churches (called particular churches), comprising a total of 2,795 dioceses in 2008. The Church's highest earthly authority in matters of faith, morality, and governance is the Pope, currently Pope Benedict XVI, who holds supreme authority in concert with the College of Bishops, of which he is the head.The Catholic community is made up of an ordained ministry and the laity; members of either group may belong to organized religious communities.

The Church defines its mission as spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, administering the sacraments and exercising charity. It operates social programs and institutions throughout the world, including Catholic schools, universities, hospitals, missions and shelters, as well as Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities that help families, the poor, the elderly and the sick.

The Catholic Church believes itself to be the original Church founded by Jesus upon the Apostles,among whom Simon Peter held the position of chief apostle. The Church also believes that its bishops, through apostolic succession, are consecrated successors of these apostles,and that the Bishop of Rome (the Pope) as the successor of Peter, possesses a universal primacy of jurisdiction and pastoral care.

Church doctrines have been defined through various ecumenical councils, following the example set by the first Apostles in the Council of Jerusalem. On the basis of promises made by Jesus to his apostles, described in the Gospels, the Church believes that it is guided by the Holy Spirit and so protected from falling into doctrinal error. Now they come to the Zone in order to convert the heathens who have become untrue to the one true faith, if they refuse we shall rape and pillage them like the old traditions command it.

Information : We recruit ICly you will either have to be Apprentice Altarboy or Guardsman to start with. Altarboys will be under personal observance of the priest while the missionaries take care of the apprentices.

We will not be hostile at first but start trying to convert people to the one true religion by peacefull means, we will not be armed with anything but our faith!


Saint: Assasinator ( Gabriel) He shalt be free tonight! (ON First warning for several teamkills) MIA

Priest: Nikolaz (Terrence) KIA

Missionary: Coletrain (Phillip) KIA

Apprentice: Cutch ( Bob ) KIA

Guardsman: Longlostblake ( Allan ) MIA

Altarboy: (BTO) Failed IA

We will not fade and we will keep going even if it means denying the truth of any - Supports there may be!

OOC INFO : Ya Character doesnt need to have a mind of his own only enough brain not to shoot at the Altarboy.

Having TT is always a pluss knowing where to find clean water is a big bonus.

You must have confessed your sins or at least have forgotten them yourself before you can join.

You must have at least thought about reading the Holy Bible.

You must have 10 RU for the Vikings to take if they decide to rob our monastary!

QUESTS : We got a couple of tasks going on mainly to secure our foothold in the Zone ehem..

For the members i need you to find stuff for the armory. Healthkits and RU mainly.

For the Outsiders we have a couple of IMPORTANT Quests. : Ehem,

Quest for the Holy Grail: Ya must seek out and gather seven knights before then venturing into the kingdom and invade the Military! If anyone would keep the grail a secret its the Goverment.

Find a Golden Cross: We need a cross to hang on our church but we found that the zone is sadly lacking of them, we would greatly appreciate any effort trying to find it.

Bibles and Songbooks. Yea we didnt bring any for ourselves... You can probably salvage some, somewhere.

Biblical Paintings or other peices of art: We require this to hang inside our church as a holy relic! The grail or cross would do as well but they seem a hell to find.

For the People, Sanct-Peter and the Church!
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Its okay, And I'll support it. I dont know if I like the idea though....It seems kinda weird bringing religion to the Zone

Strelok Holmes

... Monolith WORSHIP a fucking rock in reactor 4.  That's classified as religion.

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I Have created some MENIAL tasks for the heathens to do so they may become cleansed of their taint! DO this and they may even be rewarded.
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This idea just feels really weird.  How and why would the Catholic Church go anywhere near the zone?  I can just see bandits walking in and shooting up your church.


Then they can go to hell >_<
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Bl★ck Star

+support even if iam atheist


+Support Seems pretty good, I want to see how it will work.


Quote from: Bl★ck Star on 06-01-2010
+support even if iam atheist

This is basically what Im going to say.
+support, as it sounds a good idea that will bring new roleplaying opportunities.

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Quote from: Celtic on 06-01-2010
This idea just feels really weird.  How and why would the Catholic Church go anywhere near the zone?  I can just see bandits walking in and shooting up your church.

My thoughts exactly. It's unusual, but this group is a possibility.
I highly doubt the Church would set up openly, even the members will see that there are massive dangers with doing that.
I'm (Weirdly) going to give this group support.
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I like it. Could be very fun to have it on the server.
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Well when we released Gabriel he ripped out everyones spine sucked their blood cloaked himself and went off into the distance... Ehm..
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+ support, Nikolaz is a good rper, so i expect good rp.


Faction is dead. This thread needs a lock <_<
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Quote from: Nikolaz72 on 07-01-2010
Faction is dead. This thread needs a lock <_<

Bandits shoot you up?


Quote from: Celtic on 06-01-2010
This idea just feels really weird.  How and why would the Catholic Church go anywhere near the zone?  I can just see bandits walking in and shooting up your church.

We should definatly do that.


Right i believe i could take the carpet off our big secrut...

Assisnators Sucker was our saint and he ripped out everybody's spine if they didnt get to run away first. Our church was shortlived but i believe that even though we only converted Assasins sucker to our faith we have succeded cau---
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POSTWHORE! The faction is god damn dead. Somebody lock this..
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Locked, Since apparently people like postwhoring, and he wants it locked.