The Fallen ~ BACK.

Started by ~Ness~, 18-01-2010

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The Fallen

What are we?

We are a group of Loners that band together to destroy the horrors of the Zone.
We hunt down Mutants, Bandits, and some Mercenaries.
We treat other Loners with respect.
We grant them protection as well.
We are friends with Traders.
We do the jobs they give us.
We do them favors.
We are The Fallen

Our Name

We are The Fallen because we are made up of all the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. that have given up their life for something and those that have had their loved ones killed.
It can be a loved one.
It can be a weapon.
It can be a town.
The Fallen represents our down falls.
But we still fight back and come back strong.


Do not attack fellow comrades
Do not disobey orders
Do not steal from comrades
Do not attack enemies without a partner
Do not attack enemies without permission from an Commissar.

Bandits: Bad
Duty: Neutral
Ecologists: Neutral
Freedom: Friendly
Loners: Friendly
Mercenary: Neutral
Military: HOSTILE

To join you can join IC: Become recruited by me or someone thats Sergeant+.
Or OOC: Apply here.


[b]Steam ID:[/b]
[b]Steam Name:[/b]
[b]How active are you!:[/b]
[b]Do you promise you will have the best possible RP at all times?:[/b]


[b]Will you always follow orders?:[/b]
[b]Why do you wish to join the The Fallen?:[/b]


Atticus 'Wolfe' Fletcher

Open Slot
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Sucker Slayer Steve Edward


Colonel is Leader
Commissar is Co Leader
Sergeants are well... Sergeants.
Corporals are the next rank after Private
Privates are the next rank after Rookies.
Rookies are recruits / New People.

Who can Promote?

Sergeants and above can promote.
Sergeants can only promote to Corporal.
Commissars can only promote to Sergeants.
Colonel can promote anyone to Commissar.



Trust that this group won't just DM. May even apply myself.

"Stop living life so that you can do a job with out pay"
-Blake/Last Exile


Thanks for the support.

Applyyyy. :>


Omg its Ness Tea but anyways
Four Eyes is nice. - Military Faction Simple Medical Guide


I don't know what to say....I wuv it?





Tho i would like to read some sort of story/backstory about the group.


This looks like a fairly decent group.  Also on the thing of being an ally with Freedom, I believe I've met your loner but there's no formal alliance going on.  Of course we're friendly with Loner's and we'd most likely have a friendly relationship, we'd have to come to some sort of agreement if you want to consider us an ally you can count on.


Very well done.


Thanks for the support.

But I copied and pasted this from the old scrapyarded thread. I disbanded it before I left ages ago, and the Freedom = Allies, are from that time period. I was good friends with Tenel, so, yeah. I'll change it now.


Double post.

Fixed Alignments to a more sexier template.


Steam ID: N/A
Steam Name: McCutcheon[IcE]
How active are you!: On at least every other day
Do you promise you will have the best possible RP at all times?: Of course.


Name: Sucker Slayer Steve Edward
Biography: Hm... Remembering back when I came to the Zone with my wife, Rebecca. Ah, she was a beautiful woman, indeed. Four years ago, we came here aboard a truck, bound only for the Cordon, no farther. Unfortunately, we lost our way, going much deeper than we thought until an electro bound us off course, sending us spiraling down one side of the road. I woke up to the spine-chilling sound of bones crunching, looking up to see my wife being devoured by a blood sucker. Taking my machete, I decapitated its head, taking only my two machetes, her necklace, and the clothes on my backs with me. I swore upon that day to slaughter every last sucker... heh... who knew it would lead me to this... After engaging two suckers and eventually fighting them off, they came back for me. I tried to keep them out of freedom base, but in the end, I fell to my knees infront of a bloodsucker; something I thought would never happen. I looked into its eyes... and found something... something honorable about it. It may of scarred my eye, but it understood honor and its true importance...
Will you always follow orders?: As long as they are reasonable.
Why do you wish to join the The Fallen?: I read in the bible once "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil." This is true for me; I fear no darkness, no being. I am eager to be laid in my honorable grave at the hands of an equal enemy. An enemy equal not in weapons, not by stature or numbers, but by pure brawn, brains, and skill.

"Stop living life so that you can do a job with out pay"
-Blake/Last Exile


You're accepted, you were my first supporter, you're a really good roleplayer, and well, a friend too.

Although your backstory is a bit brief, I like it.

Eet Eet

Looks cool but wont it interfere with a TU flag?
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What do you mean?