The end of the world

Started by Bagelz, 04-10-2009

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"It seems no matter what I do, tragedy strikes. I've lost everything... Everything..."

"No matter what I touch, what I look at, it dies. No matter who I talk to, I bring misfortune to them."

"I've lost eveything... It does no matter anymore."

*A tear begins to fall from Khaletskiy's eye*

*He sighs*

"I-I...I was looking forward to it, with such happyness. My wife, my children. The day I found their location, I knew I would make it my mission to return to them, making them happy. They were my life, my happyness. They are what kept me motivated... But it seems this is one of God's sick, cruel jokes, on a cruel, sick man."

"I returned to my home on the small prarie-like Dam near Prague. I was looking for my wife and kids on the estate we owned. But I was shocked, to see they were nowhere to be found. I was shocked, but I thought perhaps they were elsewhere."

"That's when it struck me... I found a small note within the small, mahogany box I made for my wife. I read it..."

*The note, bears old hand-writing*

"Khaletskiy, I'm sorry we could not be together, forever... But it seems, my time has come, and I must depart from this world. The lords cruel jokes seem to be played on me everyday. As I leave, I tell you one thing...."

"The children are safe, do not worry. William and Alex are safe, adopted by a truly kind family. But before I go, you need to know what is killing me... It seems, I have been struck with the sum of all fears; cancer. Breast cancer, to be exact. The cancer has spread all throughout my body, and I am dying, a lonely death. But you will always be in my heart."

"I know of your work where you have been. We all do. I'm quite the little spy myself! But, like us all, our spying comes to an end. And I hope your fortunes in this...'Chernobyl' continue."

"Goodbye, Khaletskiy. May you perhaps one day find another true love. I will remember you always, in the after-life."

*An address is disclosed with the location of the children*

"I don't know what to do. I didn't want to meet my children, because I knew they would not love me. I am not their father, they have no 'real' father. I don't deserve to be their father."

"If only I had come back earlier, so I could see her one more time... If only. But it seems I continue to make mistakes, as always."

"I don't want to talk about this anymore... Forget it- just forget it. Fuck."

*Khaletskiy takes the photo of his wife and kids, and inserts them into his wallet*


// Such a sad story


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The myth says that Radek has two arms, the myth also says that the devil has two arms. Coincidence? I think not.


// .. yea so sad.. but.. Owned.. But .. Sad..
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// Khaletskiy unholsters his pistol and slides it into his mouth *bang* he pulls the trigger blood and brains splatter on the wall be hind him. sad story though :P
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// Very, very, sad.
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// Lovely.. I mean... Sad! OMG SAD!  ;D


// Moonlight sanata, isnt that from the first resident evil?


It's prety famous. And yeah, Rebecca plays it on piano.

The one thing I DIDN'T like about this was the use of "God's Cruel joke" from multiple characters (him and his wfe). Seems too unlikely and takes away from the humanity of it. impo
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Thats.... sad man... if it happened to be I would have set the house on fire after taking the photo then leave town.



This thread is a Long Crying fest lol :P
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// **Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

So sad, Makes me want to. . . Fart! A Fart Of sadness!
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