The Betrayer and The Betrayal.

Started by El Presidente, 05-01-2011

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El Presidente

<:: Initializing ::>   

<:: Standby ::>

<:: Welcome ::>

<:: Accessing c:/documents/gear/changeofplans.txt ::>

'I can't take this anymore, the constant hatred and the conflicts. I thought I could take such a life but I truly can't. I'm not going to sit by while Green decides it's best to make enemies with everyone in the Zone, I'm not going to put up with this. I'm going to try my luck, leave Orion without a trace and give everything I know to Freedom, maybe I'll get something in return. I don't feel good for doing this and I don't expect anything good to come out of it but the truth is... I just don't have a choice.'

<:: Terminating... ::>

<:: Accesing c:/documents/gear/updatetrack17.txt

'I've sat down with Yuri Babikov, told him my piece and I've just finished summarizing Orion Platoon in basically every area, I'll check with this Joel and Goose later on, see if I can get anything out of them. With luck, I'll have the money before I know it and then I can change my name and identity. It's funny... in my time here not once has anyone seen my face. I intend for it to stay that way.'<:: Terminating... ::>

<:: Accesing c:/documents/gear/fucked.txt

'I fucked up bad, I made it out of the Freedom compound and I didn't get a fucking dime, on top of that Orion knows that I spilled the beans, they know about everything! I got to hide before anyone finds me, I've got to keep low! Fucks sake, I had to do it... I have to believe that I didn't have a choice. You'll need an alias, Spark will do for the timebeing. When you get here, make sure you identify yourself by your alias and your alias only. Never show your face to anyone and try to mask your voice! I've left something behind that'll explain the truth behind the truth. When you get here, you can trust only a few STALKERS to help you out, their names are ******, ****** and ******. You'll make some friends of your own but I'll help you start off, good luck... Spark.'

<:: Error, terminating document ::>

<:: Shutting down... ::>

"You've got to be fucking with me..."

El Presidente

Heads up for those who are curious, this is a relapse of the characters known as Gearhead and Spark, this is the actual PDA messages that were referred to so many times IC.

I'll be continuing sometime in the future with Sparks side of the story.

El Presidente


LOGIN: Spark


<:: Welcome Spark ::>

<::Opening File c/users/spark/documents/logs/newbeginnings.mp3::>

'Uh, okay... where do I start... I uh, finally made it across the Cordon. Struck a deal with this shifty character, took most of my belongings but he managed to smuggle me in, I made it. You know, this place isn't really I thought it would be, I mean... I heard of the stories and the rumours but how could anyone expect them to be true lest they see it with their own eyes? I can vouch for the stories for I've witnessed unspeakable horrors first hand, treasures, money... it's like a Haven for the lost, just my kind of place.

I really can't imagine myself and Gearhead making it big in this place, I mean, where do we start? What do we do and how do we do it? I mean, looking at these guys in this bar makes me wonder if this was the right decision... if we were actually cut out for this sort of thing. There's no going back now, I can't make it back across the Cordon without any money to strike a deal with any of the so called 'Guides' around here. I guess I'll find out sooner or later whether I'm really suited for this place or not. 

No sign of Gearhead anywhere, he was consistent that we never spoke of our true identities and after experiencing this place first hand? I can't say I blame him. You know what, if he's made it this far then surely I can aswell. I noticed a lot of the guys around here carry around poorly maintained equipment, falling apart beneath my very eyes. Perhaps that's how I should start off, perhaps that's how Gearhead started off. I mean, after all we ever did at home was take apart stuff, fix it and then put it back toghether but look where that got us. Years of honest hard work and nothing, absolutely nothing. This is our last resort and I intend to see that the job is don-...'

<:: One New Voice Message

'Uh, let's see here... what... what!? What the fuck!? No! No! NO! This can't be happening, not now when I just arrived! What did you do! What have you done you fucking imbocile! GOD! He just gets here and he's already making trouble for himself! Fuck! Great, I'm going to have to start asking around about Gearhead, hopefully someone around here knows about his sorry ass. Fucks sake.

'Day one, Spark out.'