The Anomaly

Started by Alex, 02-01-2010

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*You find a small box in an inconspicuous place. You open it to find a few pieces of paper folded up inside. These are what the contents say*

Alright...I guess I'm writing this shit for the hopes of someone finding this someday and being able to make more sense of it than I. Well anyways, my name is Alexander, Alexander Kriestiv and I'm your average loner or at least now, I used to be with Duty...but that's another story entirely. You're probably wondering what the fuck I'm talking about by now, so I'll tell you. I saw some fucked up shit, and I don't know what else to do other than write it down. So here's what happened...

I was walking down the path and suddenly I see something falling from the sky in the distance, it was like a rock or something. It hit the ground and exploded into a few fragments. I got over to the impact site and there was no debris to be found, but an anomaly had suddenly appeared. Now don't get me wrong, I'd seen anomalies before...but this one, this was different. Anyways, I was looking at the strange phenomenon when an Ecologist came over, I guess he'd seen the thing falling from the sky too. He pulled out his little scanner and started scanning the anomaly. Eventually he gave up and just threw the thing in there altogether. He said something about the anomaly being stronger than normal. Suddenly, two more anomalies popped up around it, the same type as the original. Then a third one, but some type of Burner anomaly.  Some Freedomer walked up saying something about how he'd found an artifact and asked if the Eco wanted it, though the egghead was too busy with the anomaly to care. At one point something possessed the Freedomer to throw the artifact into the anomaly and it disappeared. That's when the anomaly changed into an Electro of some type and te Ecologist was going ballistic. That's when a few loners and even a military came walking up. I payed no mine to them and decided to try something out. I remembered I had a small loaf of stale bread in a pouch on my waist, so I took it out and tossed it in. It began to change in midair, then suddenly two loaves of bread shot out of the anomaly. The Eco scanned them and they were highly radioactive. Some loner ran up and tossed in another artifact, I tried to stop him but I wasn't fast enough. The anomaly started to change again, but this time it formed into some sort of portal, the outlying anomalies disappeared and we were staring into a glowing swirl of well...I honestly don't know... I was stricken by the strongest urge to jump in, I don't know where it came from...but it's like I just need to get into that portal.... So me being the dumbass I am, I went for it. I crossed my fingers and jumped into the doorway to who knows where.

Imagine going through a deep blue space with stars zooming by you at hundred of  miles an hour...that's what I saw. Except it was like I was in a box, my own universe I guess. Then I heard this horrible and pain-filled scream and this strange creature appeared in front of me, screaming. I  was almost scared shitless, I tried to grab for my knife, but it wasn't there. Then out of no where, I was in Freedom's place. I remembered that the anomaly had been just outside their base. I ran up to a lookout tower, seeing that the group was still there, I was about to yell to them when I was back in that damn box again.

It was a bit different this time, the floor wasn't the same as the walls anymore, not that it mattered much... Before I knew it, I was teleported out again, this time into the trainyard bar. I saw that there was a large group not 15 feet from me. I tried to run over to them, but I couldn't move an inch. I started to yell for them, but my voice was like a quiet whisper in the wind. Once again I had that strange feeling and I was teleported again. Now in a strange building face to face with the creature from before. A strange thing happened, well "stranger", the thing started to speak. It said, "Welcome Child." Then it said my name, I was wondering what the hell was going on when it said something really weird., "I am your mind and soul, Alex." I was a bit pissed, because if this is soul is fucking ugly.

Next thing I know, I'm on my back right outside where the anomaly was. I sit up and then something hits me in the head. I look down in my lap to see the artifact know as "Fireball" sitting right there. So I did what every Stalker would do in my position; I got up, shrugged off the dirt, pocketed the artifact, and walked off....

Eet Eet

Cool Story Bro!
To this day and beyond no one still knows "Who let the dogs out!"



Very very nice, i hope i can find a artifact soon :D