Thanks folks

Started by Ravanger, 19-02-2011

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I would like to thank everyone who came and helped.

Rook-For building the area and helping to progress the good side.

Bob Dole- Helping progress bad side and building.

Picto- Helping progress bad side.

Everyone else who came and played during the event.

The event worked out well and it hopefully next time it will be better and more well done. Only probles were friendly fire.


I think next time there should be more enemies than just rats and the only danger was the emission.
Use anomalies, this was the heart of the zone after all.
Make this more immersing, don't tell people to come on the server and make them shoot this and that, it removes the STALKER feel and Fear RP was missing.
Overall this was fun to play. I got a SPAS-12 and 1300 RU.
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Yeah I could of did a bit more the roof part took the longest. Haveing to build the roof up and add combine. A lot of people joined late so the missed the begining. Yeah it was somewhat of a learning lesson and a gateway for better events to come.