Tape Recording - 01A - The Survivor

Started by deluxulous, 18-01-2010

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A dirty, dusty tape recorder is laying on a table. The room is dark, with a single bare bulb hanging from the ceiling, barely illuminating the table.

The tape recorder begins playing, and crackles come from the audio speakers...

*A raspy, hoarse voice plays on the recording.

"I knew... I knew that they would come for me. They did get me... but I survived. It shows, what a little money and influence can get you here....

It didn't go as planned... I am physically crippled. I am not what... *A deep, weezing breath is heard.* I used to be...
The bullet crippled my respiratory systems... a small price to pay for, *Breath.* being alive...

I am doing these recordings, because maybe some day... someone will figure out my story, the mystery.

From my... *breath.* observations, DUTY is .. falling apart. I am troubled to hear of the increased Monolith presence, and of the many deaths... DUTY is low on numbers... *Wheeze.* They will not survive.

My mind... is still on the old days... of when I could walk freely in the zone... I am a hated character now. My name cannot be revealed. For surely, I will be killed for good.

I need to plan my next move, the..
*The tape fizzles, and the recorder makes a sharp "Click!" as the play button pops up. The recording is finished.*

Stay tuned for more recordings of our mystery man.


Oh wow. Meh, pretty gud if I do say so myself, but short.


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Cool, But I didn't understand why you were sounding scared.