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Surtech International


Hello, there! Welcome to SURTECH INTERNATIONAL! We hope you will be convinced to purchase some of our great services and products!


We are an independent Surveillance and Communications Company. We develop means for your security, and social needs. Things include...
*Surveillance Systems, including Security Cameras, Motion Sensors, and Sensor-Lights. Security Banks and building alarms are also something we provide.
*Communications Devices, such as cell-phones, home-phones, and many types of two way radios.
*Services to help you communicate and contact friends, family, and business partners. We also have services to help you find things that you may be looking for. Sort of like a phonebook!

Why would I want these things?

Security is a very important thing nowadays in the modern world. Did you know that crimes such as burglaries and homicides have risen almost 38% over the last 5 years? It is a major concern for many people. Keep your home safe!

Communications is becoming more and more advanced. We have phones that we can carry wherever we go. We can even access the internet on these phones, and download many useful programs onto them. We can E-Mail and text, and communicate any way we want! Surtech makes the best, and most up-to-date communications devices, like cell-phones and regular house phones.

Many people are not able to contact others! This is very unfortunate. But you CAN contact them! Using our services, we can help you contact people that are out of range, or people you haven't seen in a long time, but don't know any of their information! We can help you find their phone numbers and the such (with required security and safety measures fulfilled) on the spot!
What else? We can help you find other things if you happen to be searching for a certain place or thing. Let's say you want a new TV, but you don't want to go to the big, marketing giants. We can help you find another place that suits your needs! You can tell us what TV you want, and we can find somewhere that has that TV! (Information is used for verification and service use only, and not stored.)

Thank you for reading our extensive product and service list!

SURTECH - Simply, connected.


Summary: Surtech was founded by an anonymous, and mysterious individual. He lived in secretive exclusion all his life. He never gave his name to anyone. He was called, "The Boss." He never married. He didn't even give a return address on any letters. He had a proxy mailbox in a common post office. He was very wealthy, and soon began a technological empire. As their name suggests, they spread across the globe. They found their way into the zone, after certain interests were developed.

Shortly after Surtech was founded in 2007, many governments were concerned about other countries, and what they were doing. Such a concern were the North Koreans and America. They managed to keep tabs on each respective government, for a price of course. Surtech's founder put a new, darker, undercover operation into full swing. It became an infamous name in the top agencies around the globe. CIA, FBI, KGB, MI-6, SAS. They all knew the name. They all used it, they all loved it, they all loathed it. It helped, hurt, aided, and killed off many governments, republics, and commonwealths. The public, of course, did not know of these interactions. They bought Surtech's products, and used their services.

Soon, the wealthier populace got involved. Celebrities, keeping tabs on their exes, gang leaders, planning moves against their rivals with Surtech's assistance. Surtech was a multi-billion dollar corporation because of this.

Then, the Chernobyl incident. The Zone of Exclusion. Hostile conflict between different groups. Arms smuggling and scientific research.

An information gold-mine.

Surtech quickly saw opportunity, and seized it. They moved some agents into the Zone to see if it was any good. They gave the A-OK, and now they're here. They still make communications devices and provide services, of course.

They have a darker, more devious plan.

Don't get caught on their bad side.

About Surtech's "Plan under the mask"
Surtech says everything about not storing information, and respecting privacy laws and regulations.
They lie like a rug.
They keep records of EVERYTHING that goes on in their network. It's all very hush-hush however. Nobody ever says anything about it. Influential businessmen have succumbed to Surtech's demands behind closed doors, and an illegally gained phone conversation. That's what they did. Governments learned not to use Surtech's devices, but that didn't stop them.
Surtech employed several "tourists" as they were called, to infiltrate government buildings and place taps on their communications devices. Nobody knew of their methods, so they paid extra attention to everything.
Surtech came to the zone to deal in radios and the like. But they also came to execute their act of espionage, and practice it wherever, whenever, and with whoever.

Roster: No IC names will be placed on the roster. People may metagame and be "lolspypls". Therefore, only OOC/SF names will be on it.
PristolKrid - Group Manager
Bodahn Feddic (AKA Dutch) - Group Manager


12/15 Supports


It's tricky to give it a verdict, but I'm going to have to think over supporting it. I think it would be unusual for such a large, organised, respected global organization to find it's way into the Zone.
Why don't Microsoft also infiltrate the Zone and sell Xbox 360's and PDA's? Why don't Dell infiltrate to sell Laptops, or Cisco for Networking devices.

It's quite a clever plan, that they're inside the Zone to sell to either side and not get caught. It's still questionable.

Actually, I'll give it a + support, I would think that a greedy corporation like this would somehow find it's way into the Zone.
Can you somehow join this group? As a Mercenary or something alike?
Lol red +support, I bet you thought it was a -support at first.
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Yes, I am still thinking out a plan for people to help and join.


I have a merc that could help with things.. For a price.


Note: This is a HIGHLY work in progress. This is just a pretty basic outline, and more backstory and stuff will be added when more supports are given.

It may seem a little awkward and weird at first, but it WILL be explained if enough people start to like it.



42 views, and 2 replies that aren't mine.

Come on people, I need your thoughts and opinions.


Hire mercs !
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Makes for some work for people.
So i think ill give it a big fat....


I think a good business would be nice to have in the Zone.



+Support, of course, seeing as how I'm in the faction.
Does my support even count? WHO KNOWS
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come ON...

Stop just looking at the thread and exiting it without saying anything.

80 views, and 6 posts that aren't mine. Wow.


+ support, because I know pistolkid is a good rper.


I wonder if my comment was read, people probably just noticed the +Support.
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Well, I can see that this is Security, It reminds me of a Barney security guard inside the zone XD

+ Support since I like the idea


5 day bump.

Come on guys.... :(

Picto Wolf


it would make more jobs and some good role playing i think
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 I guess I'll +support.
Doesn't seem like it'll go wrong, except for metagame which is probably not going to be a problem but someone might say they have some kind of contact that enables them to know OOC info ICly. Hopefully create some jobs and some roleplay experience.


Four Eyes is nice. - Military Faction Simple Medical Guide


I enjoy the concept. But first things first, this is a company, right? Where's your base. Yes that is a statement. Every building has already been taken, where would you exist?


You're reviving threads that were posted in over a month ago. They're dead because there is no activity in them which is why they are dead.


+/- Support

A Company in the zone that makes technology...MAybe
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