Started by Ravanger, 22-12-2009

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Please post your ideas and suggestions that you have for monolith. It is very open minded and you can post any of your ideas. They most be serious though....Also if you have any serious complaints about monolith please do post.


Why you want it:




Reason for the complaint.



Complaint: Remove the wishgranter rank from the roster.


Reason for the complaint: Wishgranter is a weapon not a rank.


He is not really the Wishgranter persay. he is more of the monoliths advisor. But ill talk to zero about that Layton.


Its not like I was coming onto the server to act as wishgranter, but sure I'll get rid of the rank.


Complaint: Rav!
Reason: Pelting me with mellons!


Reason for this is your failing at the rp we were doing and I had to punish you. Ethier way you deserved it.


Lmao Rav tsk tsk tsk pelting a man with melons you know he could have been seriously injured, now the reason i am saying this is melons arent that effective try bullets
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I'm not in monolith, but I'll spew my complaints at you anyways.
-None of your men are ever in uniform.
-Your men go 'under cover' as S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s and run around the map and mingle with other RPers, thinking they can do whatever they want as a Monolith. They then follow a given RPer and shoot him in the back randomly, and whore all of his shit before running off.
-Your men RDM too often.
-Your men STK, and never ask if they can before doing so.
-Your men act too much like normal stalkers. (Speech, RP, un-intimidating-ness)



Well seeing as our suits ost 25-30k a peice not like ANY of us have them so anything to do with not being suited forget about it unless you feel like donating the $ but the RDM and STK get me names
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Stay deeper in the zone you crazy monsters. There is no reason military should ever see you guys at the edge :D. Go find your damn wish granter.


Wish i could then i would sit down in the center of the zone chilling with my rifle ahhh that would be the life not have to worry about mili, duty, freedom, or many stalkers
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The whole undercover as stalkers thing isn't doany good, and like Arthur said, stay in "Deep" parts of the zone. You'd be more dangerous if you all stayed in a specific territory instead of going around as stalkers.


Quote from: Hotstarr on 10-01-2010
stay in "Deep" parts of the zone.
yea well see the problem with that is the map only goes so far hmm now lets think about this we could sit in our base all day or we could send a few guys out to bring us some stalkers to kill yea think about it and when we send one man out you guys flame us while all except one or two of use are in the base.
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Idea: Divide into squads or sections, whatever you want to call it.

Why you want it: I'm noticing and hearing about Monolith having gun problems. You could use a similar system as Duty. Alright, make trusted members the leaders of these squads and have the soldiers in it give all money and equipment to their leader. When the soldiers need guns, the squad leader should supply them. (Keep in mind that the leader wouldn't have to be on for it to work, let them keep their weapon so you don't have to giveout weapons everytime) It's working good in Duty, we went from no weapons to almost all Dutyers being suited and armed. (Except newcomers with no fireteam currently assigned)

Other:  Your forum is messy.. Way too many stickies.


Only problem is no one is passed the rank of foot man cept 2 people Pimp and Chrono yet those two would be enough to handle the shit rav and i put up with and we cant exactly buy from outsiders not to shoot down your idea but what we do need for this to work would be a faction Trader. To bad the trader is the leader Father Three Pieces and well he dosent do much trading :P
~"Victory isn't sweet, Victory is the absence of the taste of fear and stench of death"