Started by Wannabe Taco, 06-09-2009

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Wannabe Taco

I just had a little idea what if someone scripted something were weapons hung on peoples backs and it made it faster to pull them out in combat... Just a suggestion. It would make it look more realistic.


We had PAC so people could actually put a weapon to it's back and other items to it's models.. I don't care if people just pull out guns since I don't play to win, aslong as they /me it and don't powergame, it's all good!

Unless your one of that guys that just want to know how you got the gun slung, how fast you could do it and only see the fun in roleplay if it's checked by the letter, just have fun you don't need everything visualized to have it known else everyone would need an unqiue model, hehe.


 I kind of wish that when you died you didn't lose all your stuff?  I realize its role play, but how do you do stuff like eco stalk or just anything in general if you lose your weapons and all when you die / crash?


The inventory saves them delta, as long as you dont have them equipped.


But that's just it, whenever I happen to roleplay, Im in some role that involves me having it equipped, and I just lose it, I crash so often on your server I'm about ready to find another one, but the other Stalker servers aren't nearly as populated so I don't want to


There ARE no other stalker servers, and if you're crashing look for a fix, what is the cause of crashing for you.

I personally never crash and I have a 3 year old PC


Well the thing is I don't have anything to use, i don't know waht to look for to find the error

All it says is HL2.exe has stopped responding