Straighten Up, Guys.

Started by deluxulous, 18-07-2009

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Today on the SRP server, was to say the least, a fucking chaotic hellspawn of flaming and mingery.

Come on guys, really. Do you need to start flaming and complaining when something doesn't go your way, or something goes wrong? Do we need to complain every time we die, and shout "DM?" I don't think we do!
We really need to grow up, and realize that not everything's going to be perfect. You lost your gun. So what? You can RP without it. But what if someone tries to shoot me, I need protection! I think it's an opportunity to role-play.

Guys, RP isn't all about what suits, guns or items you have. It doesn't matter how much money you have. You can role-play without them. All you need to RP, is another person, a keyboard, and a brain. And, not to be too complicated, an imagination. I know, it sounds childish. But if you want to flourish and have fun in RP, you have to be creative. I survived this long without even shooting a bullet, except for tonight. I had fun, with only using /me commands, for Pete's sake.

Admins, this part is for you. People are going to complain. You may be angry by other admins, or players. Killing them in game is NOT the answer. Be calm, and address the situation with the maturity of a leader. Have some dignity if you do something wrong, and apologize. Don't try and paste it on someone else. Don't make a situation worse, by kicking/banning/slaying people. If it comes to that, warn them that there will be consequences.

Players. Don't complain if you lose a gun or something. Shrug it off, and say, "I can RP without that stuff anyway."
You don't need to complain every time you lose an item. So guys, be positive. Don't be one of those whiny complaining people that turn around and beg to an admin to spawn guns and crap for you. And for god's sake, don't brown nose any admins for items. It's not going to work. They'll give you crap if they feel like it.

So guys and girls, what I propose is a challenge. I challenge you, the HGN community, to be optimistic in RP. I challenge you, to not whine, or complain, or say hurtful things to anyone. This includes flaming. I challenge you, to not argue in OOC. I challenge you, to act with dignity, and fess up to your wrongdoings, and face the consequences. Act your age, or better yet, act MORE than your age.

HGN, I challenge you, to be better people.

Thank you for reading your average user's "I have a Dream" speech

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I believe we all need to straighten up.

          The admin team as a whole is pretty much shit right now, so many people got TA for no reason. Good admins however, lose their adminship. The bad admins (I wouldn't dare to name anyone, I'd get banned in two seconds) are praised and worshiped because there's nothing the players can do, if they speak out they'll get banned or some other actions will be taken. I, however, am going to take this risk, because I'm on the verge of leaving anyways.

          A friend of mine (some of you probably know who) was a good admin, but his admin got removed for shit reasons. Last time I checked there's no rule against or for refunds, and he only gave refunds when there was proof or he trusted the person. He did what he thought was best for the community, and since his admin is gone, he's taking a hiatus from HGN until it gets its shit back together.

          I've been here for a month: not a terribly long time, but I feel I've seen HGN at it's best.
But also, the worst. Right now HGN is defiantly at it's worst. I applied for the dev team, but I took my application down because after the whole admin ordeal, I decided I didn't want to have anything to do with it. I'm disgusted by what I see, guys.

          I feel like Mr. Tea might have done some of this. His recent arrival sparked much angst in the community, such as his whole hate on Sharrock thing (I kinda agree, Sharrock is a faggot most of the time). He constantly bitched at Devster for "trusting the players too much" and repeatedly compared us to sheep. But, oddly enough, I find Mr. Tea is on my side now. I consider him a friend,  since he got his admin removed too. Mr. Tea is a strange man, very quick to change ideals, but I'm glad he's on my side. Mr. Tea, if you're reading this, please don't take offense. I hated you at first, but I always saw where you were coming from, and now I guess things have changed a bit and oddly enough we're decent acquaintances.

          Now, the TA deal. I feel most of them got it prematurely. PistolKid deserved it, but I feel Plunger didn't at all. Plunger apparently played back... in the 50's or something, anyways he took a break (for fifty years) and is now back. And he's a TA. He's been back for like, a week or two at most. I believe that if you take a long break, you should pretty much be considered a new player when you come back. So much has changed, Plunger. I don't think you're a bad person or anything, not at all. I just feel you're not a good admin. You go around like you have all this authority (as visible in this thread) and police everyone around. But you seem to forget: You're just a TA. You've had admin for about a week. I don't think that's enough time to allow you to let it get to your head that suddenly you have the power to parade us players around like livestock.

          Everyone in my circle of friends agrees with me, HGN needs to be reformed. And I feel no better time than now to speak out about it. I'm not saying "get rid of the TA's" or anything like that. I mean reform. I mean, I want you guys to stop acting so elite. I mean, I even think some of the higher admins should be demoted. But, like I said earlier, I'm not going to name their names.

          And with that, I could be saying goodbye. Maybe if the admins follow my critique and actually fix the administration, I will stay. But at the way it is now, I don't want to consider myself part of a community who will murder one of their own because a higher up says so.

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Oh, and I haven't even mention all the suck ups. Oh man there's so many of those.

also, inb4 shitstorm -- dutch


I agree with you PistolKid, i think people are a little "Over The Top" when it comes to losing guns, armor... ETC. Believe it or not i have lost over 10 weapons and over 5 armor due to server crashing, migery and plain the items just falling into the ground... And do i give a damn? No i do not.
I do not go around asking the admins for the items back or flaming and or baiting, of course like anyone i will be a little pissed off that ive just lost an item but in the end i say to myself "Oh well i can do without that."
Thank you all for reading this.
PS. Sorry for bad spelling or grammer, i am Russian.

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People should go on the Stalker to roleplay, not spend every momment trying to get better weaponry, the chances of you being killed are pretty high in the zone, everything is a hazard to yourself and others. Gun hauling is not something you should be doing.

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bumping for justice



Bump again, fucking read this you damned noobs.



^ Eh...............................................................................

Nevermind, I agree with this. Next thing you gotta do is to kiss a baby in TV. :3
You could also use the upcoming HGN podcast instead of TV... Should be enough for now.

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Straighten Up, Guys.

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Straighten Up, Gays.


...I sitll hate you.

So!  STALKER rp is NOT about item whoreing or haveing the a better gun then the next guy. Items are there to aid your RP, not so you can get more cash so you can 'eventuly' get an exo. Its ofc...about RPing! please, keep the OOC comments down to a minimum and let there be IC develepmnt!
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goood game military. you managed to raid DUTy base a second time, with the same result.

good fucking game.


Why is that bad...? Are raids bad? I wasn't in it.


Quote from: PistolKid on 20-07-2009
goood game military. you managed to raid DUTy base a second time, with the same result.

good fucking game.

I heard about that, they raided with 6 scats. 1 exo and some mercs. They versed 3 dutyiers with nothing. Not a good thing, someone was trigger happy.


Me and some other DUTY sniped some Spetznaz, what is up with you guys? I remember two days ago, you killed me for picking up a gnome, and when we snipe you guys for being our enemies and at war, we get the whole whambulance? I don't buy that AFK crap, you guys were nowhere near the tunnel, you were in a fucking pit with a bandit. One of yas were.


Yeah I agree with pistol kid since I was with him..You guys always kill peoplez...Then we shoot you and you winez...I am stoping here now.


I challenge the admins to give me free stuff... Nah, but seriously I go on vacation, and now this? Who knew


Well latley server been getting a little wild but server is still fun.


Then I am clear to head back in as soon as my computer gets fixed



This man speaks the truth!


Bumpity Bumpity, will continue bumping till people stop asking for refunds in OOC.


Get a moderater to sticky then, and stop posting.


yea i agree, and i lost many items and didnt got refund and i complained a bit but in another way, if your character is an assasin for example i think that you need your weapons to do your "job" so if you lost your weapons what.. you must buy them again? another like 2500 for another rifle? its a bit "annoying"


Quote from: churro5 on 25-07-2009
yea i agree, and i lost many items and didnt got refund and i complained a bit but in another way, if your character is an assasin for example i think that you need your weapons to do your "job" so if you lost your weapons what.. you must buy them again? another like 2500 for another rifle? its a bit "annoying"
On one side you can RP losing your gun, then RP getting it back. On the other hand if the other guy is being a complete ass, your right its unfair to be forced to buy another gun.
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you better straighten up or someones gonna ban you