Stepping down from TU leader.

Started by Bagelz, 03-10-2009

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KLP is being made leader. He- so far, has been the most active, and dedicated Trader in months on Stalker Roleplay. More active than I. He is being made leader, and he will be allowed to pick who he pleases to lead with him.

Admins, PLEASE DO NOT remove my TU forum moderator status. I'm here to stay and help KLP on the server, and keep the TU forums managed.


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Grats for the new leader.



Yeah , you where pretty active to.
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Nahhh, I'm not anywhere near active enough to lead the Traders Union. Too much crap has come up in real life, so the only time I can play Garry's Mod is during the night, and at that point, it hardly matters because it's usually dead at night, and then every comes on around 5-6AM, heh.

KLP will do good. He checks the boards everyday. Updates them, reviews apps further than I do, and much more.


Your only on early in the morning and at 12:00 A.M to be exact.