Started by Silver Knight, 10-09-2009

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Silver Knight

We are looking into making a new WIKI, aimed at STALKER Roleplay, instead of the actual game, as all of our characters are very influentual, and will help keep a long background of everything which has gone on in the past 11 months.

Character pages for everyones character to read up about them and things they have done.

General Wiki for new players to help them out, (help on anoms, artifacts, prices and general information)

PDA format wiki?

If your interested in helping contribute, post here, and tell us how you could help contribute.

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If I reinstall photoshop I can help provide some visual stuff if you provide me with the dimensions of whatever I'm doing.

I also played STALKER to death so I can help with some of the game facts if the need be.


Personally, I could help with events, character pages and the like.

If at all possible, it may be nice to have a section linking to some news reports, that get updated every so often.  Like BEVA.


Do we have to include all character? or only the influential ones?

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I could provide writings on the Freedom faction as-well-as influential characters in SRP.
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The Wiki of the actual Games help alots too.. it isns't so different from SRP.

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I Will do anything you ask as long as it's art and visual. Photoshop away! :)

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I could gather people's Backstory and help with other stuff with the Wiki, Seeing as this is a great idea.


You guys sorta necroed the thread, and I believe this idea has been dropped.

If you're really interested in helping I suppose you could check out the Wiki...


I don't know much, because I'm new and all, but I could help edit the wiki, fixing errors and whatnot, I really don't have skills other than being a grammar/spelling nazi.