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Stalker Roleplay Fans: Important Announcement: Server Status

Locke · 770

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Silver is working hard to install the files on the Dedicated Server as we speak. They were wiped from the dedicated after Kahn took the immature action of deleting all of our hard work.

The version will be the same, and there is no need to worry. Flags, ToolTrust, and other factions will be the same as long as you already had them. The current leaders will stay and nothing will change except that we will have a slight set back.

We'll be back to robbing, backstabbing and owning bugging eachother in no time!

-Locke :3


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Huzzah, can't wait till I can get my daily shot of hours playing on the server again, i'm having withdrawel effects Locke, h-help.. p-pleas-se!


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In case of cold turkey, take Shadow of Chernobyl in large unmeasured doses.


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So you are telling me I lost my epic dupes :'( .

Well it's ok :'(

Don't mind my englisch im Dutch!


Locked since this is old


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