SRP_Redemption_v2 Beta Tester Apps

Started by Silver Knight, 09-08-2009

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Silver Knight

SRP_Redemption_v2 Beta Tester Apps

Well, version 2 is just around the corner, and im in need of some reliable beta testers to find bugs for me, ill only pick the educated people who actually contribute something to HGN.

Post Feedback here, also Beta Testers are listed there too:

Just copy and fill out this simple app:

Gamer Alias:
Time Playing STALKER RP?
Prior Beta Testing experience:
Why we should pick you:

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Gamer Alias: Plunger
Time Playing STALKER RP?: I've been playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RP for eight months now.
Prior Beta Testing experience: Fallout RP
Why we should pick you: I've been with HGN for a rather long time now and have participated in some betas for it already.

Accepted - See Me for details


Gamer Alias: Churro
Time Playing STALKER RP? " months
Prior Beta Testing experience: GTA rp ?Battlefield heroes? and one more i dont remember
Why we should pick you: Because i would like contributing with the community and i like beta testing.


Time playing STALKER RP?: Ill be honest, only a week now
Prior Beta Testing experience: URP / halo rp , VRP / All sorts
Why we should pick you: Mayby only partial PBT experience, but i wanna try and be usefull to HGN


Gamer Alias: ISPYUDIE
Time Playing STALKER RP? 3-5 months
Prior Beta Testing experience: Battlefield Heroes, a bunch of maps for my friend, Planetfall RP
Why we should pick you: I want to help to make the map better with feedback and suggestions.

Accepted - See Me for details


Gamer Alias: Ganendor
Time Playing STALKER RP? few months
Prior Beta Testing experience: no real experiance (little tests here or there)
Why we should pick you: I wish to start beta testing new things, and i believe that here is a good place to start. I believe i'm very useful and observant person. I will supply feedback with any problems within the map and make suggestions towards fixing/improving the map. I believe this is a chance for me to become more useful towards to the community.

Accepted - See Me for details

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Gamer Alias: Tunddruff
Time Playing STALKER RP? Almost a year
Prior Beta Testing experience: Some, Ultima Online recoding, Wow beta (HGN) and probably some more, i woke up like 2 minutes ago.
Why we should pick you: Cause im Freedom's leader and because i am dedicated to this community

Accepted - See Me for details


Gamer Alias: KingArthur
Time Playing STALKER RP? Since its been up ( 8-9 Months? Idk)
Prior Beta Testing experience: Beta testing for Kahn, have done prior work for RP's as well
Why we should pick you: I am active, and promise to give it my all in the situation of beta testing this map, and anything you need. I have a lot of time to fool around so it might as well be doing something productive. I like this community, and want to help above all.

Accepted - See Me for details


Gamer Alias: ThY
Time Playing STALKER RP? About 4 months
Prior Beta Testing experience: None. (Atleast i admit)
Why we should pick you: I would like to test the map, and be critical to every detail. So when the time comes to release it, it wont have as much bugs.
I will give ideas for improving. And point out faults if any.
Thanks x)

Accepted - See Me for details


Gamer Alias: Itsjustguy
Time Playing STALKER RP? : 3 months
Prior Beta Testing experience: Beta testing some game called Saga Online
Why we should pick you: I don't know you told me to apply.

Accepted - See Me for details
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Gamer Alias: |HGN-STBAl  ダークエンジェル
Time Playing STALKER RP? For a while.
Prior Beta Testing experience: Alot  mainly HGN ones... you know that.
Why we should pick you: It's your choise if you pick me or not. I won't write that shit like "I'm dedicated memmber etc." it's pontless waste of time... Person must gain trust not lie her/his way to it.


Gamer Alias: Longlostblake
Time Playing STALKER RP? 8 months
Prior Beta Testing experience: Few map test for small time servers
Why we should pick you: I can offer good reports telling important issues.

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Gamer Alias: Scott Miller
Time Playing STALKER RP? A month and a half
Prior Beta Testing experience: I played the TF2, L4D, and Crysis beta.
Why we should pick you: I play GMod for a good many hours a day, and I could contribute some of that time to beta testing the map. And I WON'T LEAK IT.


Gamer Alias:Moordact
Time Playing STALKER RP? A billion of minutes
Prior Beta Testing experience:nothing important
Why we should pick you:it will fill my time . i'l find bugs if there are any.
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Gamer Alias: SpAcY
Time Playing STALKER RP? On and off since december.
Prior Beta Testing experience: Gmod Tower Defense. Done alot of public tests on video games.
Why we should pick you: I'm good a finding bugs and I think of suggestions for things quite easily. I've been around alot of coders as well.


Gamer Alias: Mr. Tea, Fragger21, Fadian
Time Playing STALKER RP?: November 29, 2008, 01:35:00 PM
Prior Beta Testing experience: Phoenix RP, Dark/deadfall RP, WOW Rp
Why we should pick you: Ive been at HGN for a long time now, ive earned my place in this awesome community, ive gained trust and experiance. I feel i am perfect for this.


Gamer Alias: PistolKid
Time Playing STALKER RP?: Since about last month, I started playing regularly.
Prior Beta Testing experience: Call of Duty: World at War; Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare; HGN: WoW Server
Why we should pick you: I have experience with beta testing, and know whether something is normal in a map or it's a bug/glitch. I've been involved in the community since March, and believe that I can handle a job such as this.


Gamer Alias: Cobra
Time Playing STALKER RP?: 1 Year
Prior Beta Testing experience: Arma city life beta testing/Fallout Rp Beta testing
Why we should pick you: I am a loyal member and have been with HGN for quite a long time now and respect all my friends and my fellow admins alike. I also want to help make this map even better by pointing out or spotting bugs.

Rhyom Guther

Gamer Alias: Rhyom Guther; Like a Boss;
Time Playing STALKER RP? One Year.
Prior Beta Testing experience: Not really Much, Maybe one or two minor game modes...
Why we should pick you: For I am a very old player in the Hyper Gaming Network. Never noticed or never Mentioned.. Also would like to find out bugs to prevent future bug abuse..


I figured, by the time i get my posts up to a respectable amount, the beta will already be over, so i thought What the hell, I'll sign up anyways.

Gamer Alias:Vasheil Steletsky
Time Playing STALKER RP? On and Off Since January
Prior Beta Testing Experience: I beta tested the Fallout Mod Gamemode
Why should we pick you? Well, to be honest, I'm not that skilled in the STALKER RP experience. Half the time I'm asking questions as how to do something. My profile isn't like others, where they have 50K in Ru and don't know what to spend it on. What I'm getting to is that i would be the ultimate newbie. I would be the one who could tell if something was easy enough to use in STALKER Rp for new users.

Thanks for reading


Gamer Alias: Dutch
Time Playing STALKER RP?: Month and a half or so.
Prior Beta Testing experience: World of Warcaft, Guild Wars, Everquest 2, Champions Online, Tabula Rasa, several Gmod gamemodes (but they all sucked so), Call of Duty: World at War, Auto Assault, City of Heroes.
Why we should pick you: I have plenty of beta testing experience. Thus, I have a keen eye for bugs. As far as Stalker RP is concerned, I feel that I'm a pretty good member. I'm high ranked in Duty, so I like to think I'm somewhat respected by the general community. I myself dabble in mapping, too.
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Gamer Alias: Rebel [Lemming]
Time Playing STALKER RP?: About 1 month and a half.
Prior Beta Testing Experience: I've beta tested for a some HL1 mods.. and I've also Tested a few maps for bugs and other Minor issues.
Why we should pick you: I like to try and improve things for the over all people by finding Bugs and glitches. i also like to keep things like maps Perfect.

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Gamer Alias: LectricGypsy
Time Playing STALKER RP? About a year , Maybe year and a half?
Prior Beta Testing experience: Fallout 3 , and a game mode called Smofo , which didn't end out well
Why we should pick you: I'm Dedicated to HGN , im Reliable and I usually do so many things I find Bugs without actually trying to.
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