Sparkle, the Female Bandit.

Started by InfamousXII, 11-02-2010

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Sparkle, the Female Bandit:
                  by Daimon Redd - The Targeted

Part 1:

I walked up to a group of people, curious to know what was going on. When I got closer it became clear to me that this was a fight of the Military and one poor Stalker. Kevin walked up trying to help and suddenly a female 'Stalker', holds a gun to Kevin. When I warn him about this girl, he elbows her and was able to make it out alive. Thinking he wants me to stop her I decided to take on the fight wielding my Kabar. With a few successful dodges I was able to stab her in the leg, disabling her from running away. Then before a final blow the Military stepped one of them 'shanking' her other leg, I was left unharmed. Before damage was dealt to me a blowout occurred causing them to 'leave us to our doom'. With after what happened I said sorry to her and as she pointed to a pipe we took cover inside after I dragged her into it. She was dieing from losing so much blood. She was dieing so fast.

After the blowout ended I dragged her into the sunlight thinking of what to do, she mentions she has a medkit in her 'backbag'. Believing her I reached into the bag finding, well a medkit. The medkit had numerous of medical supplies needed for helping her. It included a cloth, bandages, morphine, and packets of blood. I was able to get blood back into her system. (Which is good considering she would have been killed soon after.) I then patched up both wounds with the cloth and bandages and injected her with morphine. She then was knocked out unconscious from well, injury and blood lost. While I waited for help a Stalker came along with the name of Andrew, he said he would help. After rejecting to go to Duty for reasons unknown I picked her up and we headed to a near by Stalker camp for rest.

Amazingly she woke up, before anyone got a chance to say anything Kevin, (Who ran the camp). Decided to knock her out again, with a shotgun about to hit her I was able to block the hit. This is when we found out the girl I saved, was a bandit. We also found out her name was Sparkle. At least thanking him for his hospitality Kevin was pissed off and decided to almost 'banish' me from the camp, one of the only places I had left to go...
Andrew had to stay to help someone. Sparkle decided to go by her self to the Freedom camp, I had no intention of stopping her. But because she was limping I had to force myself to help her. We walked to the Freedom base were we met Ryan. Ryan explaining to me this was a bandit would almost refuse to help. This is were I was told to leave after this I never saw Sparkle again.

Part 2:

I was out walking the day after the 'incident' then a friend of mine, Seeker a Freedom came up to me. He asks to go for a walk, we went around looking at other factions bases, we saw the Ecologist's base which oddly had no one in it. We then from cliff view took a look at the Monolith base, I shiver slightly thinking to myself it was those who killed my brother... We stop at a Stalker camp, (The one I was banished from...) and he decided to end it here. He said he would probably be going back to the Freedom base, I said I would follow. He looked at me and asked, "Why, wouldn't you want to stay here with all the friendly faces?" I respond without hesitation, "[because I am banned from here." He looks at me strangely and asks why. I told him it was because I helped a bandit. He stares at me blankly angrily says to me, "working with bandits will get you, kill." He walks away. I think about it now knowing he is going to kill me. Of course he is not stupid, nor am I.

Later that day he tells me to follow him outside of the Stalker camp.
Before he gets a chance to speak I tell him "I know you are going to kill me."
He 'laughs' at that statement and says, "I heard some people speaking... are you armed?" I think about the question for a good minute, with a pistol in my bag, I say "I am not."
He says "OK, stay here I'll get you armed."
I stay by a tree thinking to myself I am going to die soon.
A mysterious Stalker comes up to me and asks me. "are you Daimon"
With no hesitation I say to him "Sir, who the hell are you talking about?"
He gets annoyed and says, "I need to find him sir, I need to give him this flash-drive."
"Oh wait, Daimon you say? He was about to get assassinated!"
"Oh yeah, there was a soldier out here talking to a man addressed as Damion. After they were done talking he ran out like he seen a ghost! It must have been him, he was about to die after all!"
"Wait out here, I'm going to get someone."
After he is out of sight I make a run for it to Freedom base, the last place I am accepted.(Because I thought it was Kevin who sent the mercenary after me.) I run into the shop and yell for the trader named 'Wine'. He wasn't there. I decided to jump the desk and hide in there for awhile. A little later Seeker came to me. I jumped the desk and asked him what is the news. He does not bother to talk to me and just says one phrase..."In here."
I run out of the shop and the Mercenary approaches me. "You should stop running."
"Fine, I will admit it, I am Daimon, what do you want from me?"
"I've just come here to kill you."
The man readies his knife and rushes at me. With a lucky attempt I was able to dodge it. But this was when my luck was over. A few cuts and a attempts to disarm him later he was able to stab my chest. Holding my wound I back away slowly keeping my distance I take out my pistol, the Beretta. (This was my last resort because I had no ammo.) He holds up and I yell at him to leave. He leaves making a broadcast that his mission was a failure. I run out of the base holding my wound, I come to this tree where I rest.
A little resting later I go to see what has happened by Freedom base. Seeker spots me quickly and I haste fully ran to the other side, he couldn't find me. The Mercenary comes running towards me as I pull out my gun, "What do you want Merc! Haven't I had enough!"
"Easy now, lower the gun I just want to congratulate you."
confused I lower my gun.
"You were able to outsmart me Daimon... and you do get props for that."
Seeker who is standing guard watching us fires a few warning shots, "Leave or be killed."
I walk with the Mercenary far enough for Seeker to stop 'Seeking'.
"May I tell you something Merc, I am now screwed."
He laughs "Why?"
"The Military robbed me, Freedom now hates me, the Monolith are assholes to me and they have killed my brother, and the Stalkers they may kill me on sight and this all happened because I was nice to a girl who looked like a fellow comrade."
He taps my shoulder and leaves, he looks back and yells, "I never should have tried you, he was only paying me 200 rubles!"
I laugh a little and walk my way to a Bar.
There the bartender was kind enough to give me ammo for my gun and I told him what has happened to me, he then allows me to borrow his Kabar to make a makeshift bandage out of my sleeve and also has allowed me to write this. He also suggested that I join Duty, a clan that is the most neutral to me now...

A note about Part1: The ending was made up Ryan never instructed me to leave, I randomly died and never saw the end of it so I really did never see Sparkle again.
A note about Part2: The bartender never allowed me to write this :3