So, I heard you liek stories.

Started by Crimzon_Reaper, 06-10-2009

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And I think I bloody suck at them, but here goes:

Sparkling white gems adorned the fair July's blackened skies, the greatest of which illuminated the vast, lush paradise below with a ghostly white glow. The rich grass swayed gently to and fro with the cool breeze passing over. The pale light in which the rolling hills did bask only but added to the serene grace displayed by the world that beautiful evening. Beautiful as the view may have been, it was not devoid of those who would not fret to transform it's very existence into Hell upon Earth.

The repetitive crunching of l eaves in uniform fashion infested the crisp air, accompanied in tow by the hurried panting of savage beasts, ghastly animals who have devoted their lives to the evil ways of chaos and destruction, sorrow and missery, pain and suffering. They who would indulge in their putrid ways without so much as a mere hint of hesitation, so long as the price was right.

The pack of wild men hastily encroached upon a small country town as it seemed, only a small pair of ancient lamps stood guard in the night, kept company by the low howl of the wind. The land beyond the lamps lay though a majestic archway, littered with the scars of battles both recent and old, lay what remained of once proud houses, now only a scattered collection of rocks strewn upon the ground unceremoniously, their previous grandeur lost to the merciless void of time. One building stood prominent, a concrete bunker in the middle of the devastated town.

The men sped inside, and fanned out amongst the ruins, advancing furthermore upon the central structure. As the well drilled en took up positions around the bunker's perimeter, A cold and harsh voice spouted forth from the radio.
"Alright Apes, listen up . . .", boomed the voice. "I want this done fast, and I want it done right. Do not forget your very lives are at stake"
The voice paused for a few moments, which seemed like an eternity to the exhausted troopers on stand-by, when all at sudden the voice reappeared.
". . . Move in!", it barked.

Within the blink of an eye, the troopers rushed to the entry point, a small wooden door. The leading man wordlessly charged at the door, and smashed straight through it, smashing into the floor on the other side with a nasty thud. Without much care for his safety, the remainders of the squad marched over his downed body, embarking on possibly one of the most satisfying operations of their lives.

The men injected into the thin veins that were the bunker corridors, clearing all the rooms which lead off from the main pathways as they crusaded through the dim interior, only decorated by the gray tone of the concrete. As they men approached the final room within the complicated maze, they each snapped up a small package from a table, darting for the door.

With a heft bang, the men poured straight through the door, and into the room. One man trailed behind, of a shorter but stronger figure. He marched towards the doorway, and upon arrival at the rim, bellowed out.
"Gentlemen . . .", he cries out as he steps into the brightly lighten room, where the men can be seen sitting down at a circular table, a myriad of  different meals sat before them upon silver platters, garnished with strong spices and rich dressings. He calls forth once more.
"Operation 'GET SOME (food)'is a huge success . . . Dig in~!"

And so, they set into the food, the human tanks refueling for the perplexing magnitude of challenges that lay in wait of our intrepid adventurers.

See you next time on "Crimzon fails at writing"

-Signed /A.Troll/

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o da guis got fewd




I like your descriptive writing. It really captivated me in the beginning.