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Started by Celtic, 19-01-2010

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A funny thing happened today.  I normally like to give you lots of free will, let you roam around the base, just doing whatever you like.  Unless you're starting fights, or we get attacked or go out to attack.  So while I had a gut feeling that something very bad was about to happen and I call for every Freedomer to get in the bunker, please do.  I can understand if you were ICly mad at me or something, but in all honesty, I think if your leader sent a broadcast out to the zone looking for you, you'd get in the bunker unless you wanted to be in a great deal of trouble.  And for once I say we've got to get serious and everyone needs to follow orders, please just listen to me.  While I was lecturing you guys in the bunker, and warning you, because you were late to my call, we were raided by the Military with a chopper.  That ended very badly.  So like I said, next time I need your attention, please do pay attention, because my gut was right today, and we got devestated.


What words of truth, One thing is that you should Crack down on them and give them hell if they don't. Remember what happened if you didn't listen when i was Co-Leader Id kick your ass 'lol'. Lets hope that you don't have to do that. I think i should bring back 'Mr. Saw' Hmmmmmm.
Freedom all day BITCHES!


I understand you only check the forums about once a month, but this was solved.  Thanks for reminding me to lock this topic though.