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Started by ISPYUDIE, 17-02-2010

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Several hours ago, we came across a abandoned military truck in the middle of the road, on closer inspection there was several bodies of officers whom have yet to be identified.

A while later, a few of us spotted someone watching us from the hills, and again from near the crane.

Several hours later, one of the Lt's found a camera and a VSS left in garbage, this is what was on the memory...


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damn that looks nice. Like it! ;)
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[IC] I recall being there at the time, trying to identify the wounds when that damn Pseudodog began to chew on the helmets.
Anyway, i pulled out a round of what seems to be a 5.45 round.
So im estimating this was pulled by a large faction, such as DUTY or FREEDOM, although, a monolithian was reported to be seen on the site, viewing us.
That says something.

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I'm preplexed by a VSS having a visual recorder in the scope ._.  Or have i read that entire thing wrong?

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I think the pictures are in reference to the camera rather than the VSS.

Good work, you boys should do more in character reports.



We've hired several mercenaries to monitor DUTY, last night they were patrolling the general area of garbage- where we had found the camera.

I'll update the SitRep with any new information I find in the following days.

-Yuri Chornovyl


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