Started by Tea, 21-11-2009

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Hes been acting strange lately. Recently he accused me of being Pissy and bossy through my posts, i asked him if it was the ones concerning Lockes fake death, he says no. So then i ask him for a few examples and he just says "Im not your parent, i cant figure out all your problems". By then im just confused, i ask him again, then he just says the same thing over again... I dont know what to do...


I told you.. that you are acting pissy/bossy, and a bit of a hypocrit.. From that you should know what to do. Maybe change your attitude towards some people, like Silver, or other admins.
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Tea this thread wasn't necessary and Sickness you didn't need to say anything

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Tea grow up.

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Sickness, whatever i say in SF has nothing to do with the server or HGN. Whenever i talk to people from HGN its not always about HGN, sometimes i just want to talk.