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Started by Sickness, 26-04-2009

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Less than a year ago there was no Shadow Corps.. There was only Roach with a couple of his trusted stalkers. On a night when Roach was having a drink around the campfire, he noticed an unfamiliar face come across. Roach usually doesn't pay attention to the newcomers, but this wasn't a newcomer and he had Roach's attention with the Exo-Suit that he had equipped. Roach decided to get up from his spot and keep a close eye on the 'Exo-Suit' who he personally named 'Ex'. It wasn't till about twenty minutes when Roach heard something come out from Ex's mouth. Apparently Ex just came from Pripyat and he brings news to the trader that can make any man rich.. Roach finally decided to approach Ex and talk to him about taking him to Pripyat. After a fifteen minute conversation the two agreed upon making a move for Pripyat next week, although it wasn't going to be cheap for Roach.

During the week before going to Pripyat, Roach talked to a few of his trusted stalkers about joining him. They were easily convinced after hearing about all the artifacts and weapons that lie in that area. Now all they had to do was collect the amount Roach has to pay Ex. Instead of selling their weapons to get that money, they decided to go hunt an artifact to pay Ex. Not far away from the camp they slept in was an Electro anomaly. Since they had no gear to collect such an artifact in an Electro anomaly the only thing to do was to go to the ecologist's bunker. Lethaniv who was one of the trusted stalkers of Roach decided to head on over to the closest ecologist's bunker. They knew that the walk would cost two days there and two days back. They only had five days to collect the money. If the Ecologists refuse to send someone of their own with Lethaniv to get the artifact then they would have to sell their weapons instead.. One day left when Lethaniv returns with good news. He managed to make a deal with the Ecologist's so they can retrieve and buy the artifact from Roach. Three hours later, they had the money in their hands and the Ecologist has left with his bodyguards back to the base with the artifact.

In the morning the group met up with Ex to start their walk towards Pripyat. After Ex received his first half of the payment, the walk began. Roach, Lethaniv, Ex, and two other friends of Roach were walking for a day already. At night when they all stopped to rest and gain some sleep Ex tried to steal the other half of his payment from Roach and abandon the group. Although Ex wasn't so successful on doing that. One of Roach's friends noticed Ex doing something strange and yelled out 'Ey!" towards him. Roach's friend only recieved a bullet in the head from Ex. The bullet had woken up the whole group and Ex quickly fires off another shot at Roach's second friend. The second after Ex made that shot, Lethaniv charged towards Ex from behind and lock him down onto the ground. Roach kicks the gun from Ex and keeps his Ak74 pointed towards Ex. An argument breaks out between Ex and Roach while Lethaniv is holding Ex down. It only ended with Ex getting a bullet in the head. After Ex was down they tried to treat the wounded friend of Roach, but they couldn't do much. Both of Roach's friends have died with Ex besides them. Now there was only Roach and Lethaniv with 25,000 Rubles on their hands.

Both of them didn't give up on the walk towards Pripyat after being betrayed by Ex. They continued the walk and it took them around a month to finally manage their way right outside Pripyat. During that month Roach has met many other stalkers who have decided to join Roach and Lethaniv in the walk towards Pripyat. After all of them (Around twenty stalkers including Roach and Lethaniv) have settled down in an abandoned building, they decided to plan. None of them know what really lies in Pripyat, all they know are a few myths. Myths that claim to make every man rich.. After about a month already being settled inside the same building they have formed a good team. Every second night they had a team go out and search Pripyat for artifacts and other goods. Most nights successful, some unsuccessful. They then used these goods to pass over to another team who then took these goods to other stalkers who have ordered these goods for a good price. They all split the money earned equally. The group was doing so well that they had their own medical supplies with a doctor and field medic. They had engineers who can repair any weapon. They had demolitions who set mines outside their building for protection and for rigging other buildings for ambushes against Monolith. In other words.. The group established a 'business' for themselves that worked quite well.

In the upcoming days some members from the group have noticed some new people around their area. They weren't the good people, they were the Military. Apparently someone has been selling out the group because their was no way that they could be caught by the Military doing their 'business'. They knew they had to stop everything they were doing and stay hidden in the shadows until the Military has moved out. Days have past and their food supplies started to drop dramatically without their nightly searches. Lethaniv decided to finally step outside the building with two other stalkers from the group and go out on a search for food. An hour later, Lethaniv returned alone with the military firing towards their building. With gunfire everywhere, Roach and Lethaniv were arguing about what happened when Lethaniv has left to find supplies. Roach only learned that Lethaniv, his most trusted friend, was selling out their whole group to the military for large amounts of money. Lethaniv was about to pull a bullet towards Roach's head but he was knocked down onto the ground by one of Roach's men. The two started to fight, with the shootout still taking place, and Roach just standing their shocked from what he has learned. The man wrestling Lethaniv kept yelling "Go! What the 'ell are ya' waitin' for! Run Roach!". Roach started to run towards the window and jump from the second story of the building. Roach landed hard but he didn't stop.. He kept running until he knew he was safe and still had a view onto what was going on. It was only about four minutes later when the whole military has outnumbered the building and were inside. Roach could see Lethaniv talking to a high ranked officer through the window he jumped out. He couldn't hear what they were saying, but he could tell what was happening. Lethaniv who betrayed the whole group for money just got betrayed by the military with a bullet in his head. Roach knew that the Military were going to be looking after him and so he decided to run for the next couple of days as far away as possible from Pripyat. Making stops at certain camps Roach has collected some food for a high price to keep him going. It wasn't until four days later when Roach reached a village where he thought is far enough..

It is now that Roach has recovered from what happened in Pripyat and decided to set up his group again.. The Shadow Corporation, making the zone a better place for stalkers.

Shadow Corps is a group of stalkers consisting of all professions. Each of us have a role, and each role counts. We try to help out stalkers and make the zone a better place for them. To do this we have medics in our group to treat the sick and the injured of the group. Engineers to repair broken weapons or fix up a radio. Technician who knows how to handle his way through a computer and trace PDA's.. And many many more members who help the group and the outsiders survive.

Some of our Professions include:
- Engineer - Repairs weapons or items. Barricades buildings or may even fix one up, and much more..

- Demolition - Rigs the field with mines for defensive measures. Rigs buildings up for ambushes or attacks, and much more..

- Technician - Handles computers really well. Knows how to fix up radios and other tech items. Knows how to trace certain PDA's and break into radio frequencies, and much more..

- Medic - Helps the sick and the wounded..

There won't be any long and boring application that you need to fill out this time.. All you need to do is hang around Roach and his camp ICly.. But notify me over SF or Ingame that you are interested in joining. Then just show your best roleplay skills and your on your way to join Shadow Corps..
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