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Started by Blake.H, 04-01-2011

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Server Two Information

People have branded this server as "Hardcore RP" because of its strict rules and enforcement.

Basic Info

After the monolith pulled out of sector 42 they destroyed the route deeper into the zone, a route leading to an old vehicle service station. After months of clearing rubble and debris the faction known as  'Defiance' cleared the tunnel route and made it safe for passage. They entered the abbandoned service station taking it as their home. They made it a neutral zone to all. Now, factions and stalkers a like gather there. Mostly trading and telling stories. But this vehicle service station is not as safe as once thought. It is constantly attacked by mutants and packs of dogs. Most stalkers are now forced to reside in the built up area. The service yard it's self too dangerous to travel in.

Server Two Extra Rules and Regulations

1.    Failure to Injury or Fear RP will result in loosing half a point on the roster.
2.    People who are killed by the map or players will not be entitled to any refunds on this map. That means - NO REFUNDS (Unless the other party absolutely insists)
3.    |HGN| Tags must ALWAYS be worn on the server, you will loose one point if found to not be wearing them.
4.    Un-serious RP will result in loosing one point.
5.    Those found to be on the server with out applying will be permanently banned from Server 2
6.    Those found to have leaked the password will be Permanently banned from HGN as a whole.
7.    The Defiance area is a Neutral Zone for All factions Inside the wild territory you may do as you please.
8.    All skull masks are to be removed in the Defiane part of the vehicle yard. No excuses.
9.    You will /me all your fighting with mutants. There is to be no STK unless its been agreed between all parties.
10.  It is still an RP server, you are there to RP - If you do not RP request that Exile put up a sandbox server.

If you loose all of your points you will be permanently banned from Sever 2.
If you get two points or below you will have a strong warning and/or Temp Server 2 Ban.

How To Access the Server

You will need to apply here to request authorisation and the password to the server.
On approval you will need to download this map.
Then place it in the appropriate folder.
The server IP is:

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