Russian Icon and Commander, Petrovic

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General Petrovic - Russian Armed Forces, Military Genius

June 15th 1969 - ?

Name: Astravoz E. Petrovic
Age: 43
Features: Scars on arms, Usually carrying AK-74M, Radio, Combat Jungle boots, Spetnaz Officer Rank Uniform, Jet black hair, Bulky build.
Race: Russian


    Astravoz Petrovic, A man of Culture, Wisdom, and Military Intellect. Born on June 15th, 1943... Astravoz's mother died giving birth to him, and his father disappeared shortly after due to **CLASSIFIED**. He grew up in a very treacherous yet giving land, Moscow, the capital of Russia. He was taken wing under his uncle, who had been deemed an insane man in his early teenage years. As Astravoz began into Adolescence everyone, even his teachers, noticed he was different from anybody else. His mind raced past all the others, he excelled in almost everything he did, He had become a living image of Child Prodigy.

    He was still living with his uncle at the time, and his uncle would talk about all these crazy Ideas. Sometimes these ideas wormed themselves into Astravoz's head. He still remained sane though, Even with these ideas floating around in his head. At 17 his uncle had died due to hypothermia after going on a hunting trip, Atleast that's what the authorities had told him.

    At 19 Years of age he joined into the ranks of the Military, just as all the boys his age would've done at the time. To be in the Military was a great honor, and a way to score the ladies... Of course he rose in the ranks of this faster than the rest did as well, Outperforming any of his fellow grunts. When he would explain plans to his superiors, they would in turn use those plans for victorious war efforts. Some of these plans sounded just plain crazy at times though, These were the result of his uncle, and when these ideas were turned down it would boil down in him like a thick black oozing sensation. He would take it out on lower ranking personal, and be sentenced to Solitary. Some people explain seeing the aftermath of this rage as appaling and such comments were said as "Man, I know I would never cross him."

    Growing older and controlling his fits of rage, he eventually climbed higher into the ranks. People would look at him and see him as the Military Genius he was, but he saw it as an occupation of power, and total control. You could say he was a bit power mad, But who isn't in some fashion of the word? Any battle he was apart of was a battle that could not of been lost. Astravoz had become the perfect ideal of the Military Mindset.

    He had finally achieved the rank of General at age 40, and was satisfied in his mind. He rested in peace, waiting for something to happen. 2 1/2 years passed, and nothing happened, he grew inpatient and weary. The ideas from long ago began to climb out of the depths of his mind, He began to see humans as not lives or even alive, but as objects, slaves... If you were to look at him you could swear he was on the verge of sanity and insanity, and he used his position of power to unleash this mindset of his. He finally heard about the accident at Chernobyl, people saw it as a tragedy, he saw it as Opportunity, and at ounce ordered at ounce that research for bombing warfare be made at ounce.

    A year later he came to The Zone, looking for a bombing site. He had found a town center, with the populace around it and exploring. Some were in the bar, others were at familiar bunkers. They had set a bomb atop one of the buildings and set off for a safe haven, waiting for the moment to come. 15:00 were set for the evacuation, set forth by DUTY. Fortunately there were only minor casualties and some mutations. The rest of the population were hiding inside the sewers, watching and waiting for safety. Astravoz of course came back shortly after, seeking test results and supplies. The whole of The Zone then came together to get rid of this menace, ounce and for all. The battle known as the Russian Advance was underway.

    After several days of fighting, and with limited supplies, Astravoz retreated to Russia. This had been his first defeat, and had humbled him in some way. He had become scarred from burns on either side of him during one of the missions, and he was tired from the attack, he waited in patience for 3 months. With the insane ideas set aside he then assured himself that he would now go out and declare glory, not in war, but in Discovery.

    Now we are to the Present, Astravoz has come into close contact with Vladimir "Blaze" Stovsky, The Ukrainian Military General, and is pursuing matters with him. Astravoz now refers to himself as just Petrovic, and settles around the area, with outposts or within the Military's outpost.


This is pretty cool flufferz

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I set Cole's thing as an example... not a copy of format.. lol

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Well, I wasn't copying his but ok XD I just wanted him to have a huge backstory, Since hes been around forever.


Russians are always fat and bald, aren't they? (IMO)


>.> They are in the snow, You want them to be skinny and freeze to death?

And he has hair if you didn't know.

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This isn't 1986, Fluffy.

Born in 1943, 43 years old = 1986. l2math


Quote from: PistolKid on 12-01-2010
This isn't 1986, Fluffy.

Born in 1943, 43 years old = 1986. l2math

I say it is timetravel, IT IS !
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