Rublev- The prosecutor and Accused

Started by Bielecki, 05-02-2010

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A grotesque smell taunted me as I dragged my way over Garbage.
Broken bottles, metal shards and twisted frames, stalling my path.
The distinctive qualities of the pile forced me to look in other directions, the Underpass.
The fortitude of many a Stalkers travels and a shelter for a Loners depression, but not this day.
This day it would be a court of moral righteousness, contradicting and stabbing its self.
Many figures stood beside it, guns raised. I was curious and intrigued by the shear size of the fragile group. Two sides faced each other, standing ready.
None turned to my interruption, all eyes on the opposing side. Both were arguing.
I stepped aside, listened and captured a few moments.

This was an argument over a moral dilemma, and slavery was the crime.
Its committer, a Stalker. Sounded young, a woman.
A dangerous position in a world of Adam.
Yet Adam and Eve are both tempted by the same snake.
The zone moulds all in the same way.
On one side, the Prosecutors. A small group of Loners and Stalkers, angered at imprisonment of their fellow Comrades. I recognized some of them. Some good, some bad.
On the other hand, the Accused. The girl and a few friends. I had met one before, Vasily. I had no problems with him, he was rather polite.
He was defending her, trying to talk over the sea of voices. There was no use.
A little later on, a few Freedomers approached. One recognized the girl, instantly defending her. Apparently, she helped and aided him in the past.
The Stalkers and the Freedomers didn't argue with the threats of violence.
Just the threat of break down in alliance.
The argument stretched on and on, they both grew weak. A stalkers gun rose, in line with the girls gut. A loud bang smashed the tedious discussion. All stood silent, not a word.
Figures left, in a unexpected lack of satisfaction... one by one...
Both Adam and Eve are tempted by the same snake...

It Reads- Greater evil? The prosecutor or Accused?

If you want to see the unedited version's of the photos, vistit my pictures on my profile page.


Very nice, I was there and it just so happens I was the one who shot the girl. And I'm guessing the stalker next to the exo is me in the first picture because I arguing on the exos side and was the only one in a sunrise suit besides her. But very nice indeed.


Another amazing work.
Second picture is like: GET OUT OF HERE ECOLOGIST.


Quote from: Welek on 05-02-2010
And I'm guessing the stalker next to the exo is me

Yesh :)

Strelok Holmes

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Quote from: Welek on 05-02-2010
And I'm guessing the stalker next to the exo is me
And i'm the exo :D
Yesh :)

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