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(( Hai, another one of my Character Backstorys, this is my first character Rostik, who is currently a Eco Stalker, I'm not sure how you'll ICly find this one so i'll just post it ))

Rostik came to the zone after hearing tales of it in the local town, Rostik, at the time was twenty eight, he grew up as a bartender, this is how his knowledge of the zone came about him, he had heard many rumours of men, good and evil, coming back from the zone, loaded with cash and other strange, objects
he thought it strange, how one man, good or evil, could go to a simple place (Or so he thought, at the time) and come back, richer than a nobleman, Rostik dismissed these rumours as lies and half truths, "The zone" they called it, as he said to himself, trying to get to sleep one night...he thought about going there,
but, a quiet life as a local pub worker seemed more the life for him...

Yawned, did Rostik the next day he woke up, he had a strange dream, he stood in a desolate place, a field...dead trees, mangled bodies amongst everything, strange creatures...Rostik read Horror fiction, he loved the dream, it was...spine chilling and disturbing, he smiled as he woke up, recalling last nights, strange dream
he awoke from his bed and got dressed, it wasnt morning, no, Rostik slept in the day, so he could do his shift at night at the pub, he had days off ofcourse, mondays, wensdays and saturdays, it was a good life for him, reasonable pay and it was good, he felt...usefull. Rostik eventually turned up to work, two minutes late, the bartender
already at the bar shrugged and said "Do not worry Rostik, two minutes will not change anything" sadly, the Bartender was wrong, two minutes could change a future.

The night drifted by as Rostik recalled that strange dream on his small breaks, when buisness became slow...a man walked into the bar and sat down, a hood donned his head...nothing could be seen but the end of a ciggarette and the smoke wisping off the end. Rostik turned to the man "What can I get you, mister" he said, the man, pulled his hood down
to reveal a womans face "Misses" said a quiet voice "Oh, sorry, miss, what can I get you" Rostik smiled to the woman and awaited a reply "Just...some vodka, somthing simple" Rostik nodded and turned, taking a bottle from the bar behind him and taking out a glass, pouring the liquid into the glass, the woman spoke after she had recieved her drink "You heard
about that Zone?" Rostik nodded "Ah yes, to much about it infact, none of these buggers shut up about it", the woman handed the rubbles over to Rostik, Rostik took them and put them into the till.

Night passed, it was nearly time to end his felt like a dream, it was only Rostik, drowsy, he awoke the next morning in his bed, he wiped his head and eyes from sleep "Ah...wierd week, really wierd many books" he whispered to himself. He got up, it was turning to night already, he set off to the bar...a normal night, thought Rostik, but
he was wrong...

Rostik arrived at the bar, a while past...some burly men walked into the bar, one of them came to the counter and grunted, "Gimme a drink!" said the man, Rostik said "Er...sure, whats your poison, man?" the man pointed to a bottle, Rostik got the bottle down and poured him a glass "Thanks, your alright!" the man downed the glass, then began to walk out of the bar
without paying. "Er...whats the money comrade?" the man turned around, almost shocked Rostik had asked "Oh? Money..." he laughed darkly "My buddy owns this part of the town, I dont owe shit" Rostik sighs "Not another pisshead", the burly man stepped towards the counter and roared "What did you call me?!" Rostik crossed his arms and pushed his glasses up his nose
"I said: Oh shit, another Pisshead" the man snatched for Rostiks shirt collar, Rostik stepped back, quicker than the man, but only by a second "Sir, leave." the Burly man shook his head, the two other men that entered with him came other, one of them said "You talkin' to us?" Rostik nodded and said "As a matter of fact, I am, buddy" Rostik sneakily reached for the shotgun
under the counter, ready to unload a round into one of them if they got violent, the other man pulled out a knife and slashed at Rostik once, cutitng his arm deeply, Rostik grunted loudly and he took up the shotgun, pumped it and shot at the mans chest, the man stumbled backwards, crashing into a table and presumbly knocked out...or dead, the other men flee'd aswell as some customers,
Rostik sighed and put the shotgun back...awaiting the next customer...

The next day was his holiday, although there was not a great deal to Rostik read a novel he had been reading, time passed quickly, already it was night, Rostik began to feel rather...drowsy, infact, very drowsy, Rostik went into his bedroom and sat on his bed, still reading the book, but the last thing he remembered was the sentence, said by a character in the book "It takes one moment
to change a life, one action, one minute..." and with that, Rostik was asleep...sleeping like a baby in his nice, arm bed...

He went early to the pub the next day, the woman came in and began panting, she looked stressed "Mister, Bartender, whatever your name is, there is some guys coming this way, I've spoken to them, there armed, there going to shoot you" Rostik wideneded his eyes, alarmed "Wait, the fuck?! Why!" the woman replied "I have no idea, just get out of here, take the back door...!"

Rostik was not seen again in that town, ever again...some say he fled to another town, but he would be hunted down by this person that "Owned" the place he worked...but, the only way to escape them, was to flee, to a hell, a Man made hell...

...It takes one minute, one action, one moment, to change a change how a life will pan out...



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