Roger Kenton: Welcome to the Zone

Started by Seph491, 06-09-2009

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The old truck rattled as it headed down the dirt path.The back filled with various newcomers to the zone.Ill-equipped and eyes filled with hopes of riches."You know I heard there are items with almost magical qualities in the zone." One loner said to his friend."I've heard that you can make a killing off them." his friend just nodded then looked off at the scenery that was passing by them.Near the back of the truck holding onto the side was a man who didn't seem to be interested in the others.His eyes gazing off into the distance lost in thought.He was thinking of what he had left behind on this gamble he had taken to zone."I hope this is all worth it" he mumbled to himself as he lowered his head.There was a screach of the old brakes as the truck stopped.The driver mumbled to himself before opening the door and speaking to the rookies in the back."This is as far as I'll go.If you wish to make it into the zone there is a town just north of here.Your on your own from here." the drive slammed the door shut impatiently waiting for the rookies to get off.Why was he doing this?He was only in it for the money.Ferrying them to the edge of the zone.Then it was up to them to get themselves in.The man lost in thought continued to stay at the back of the truck not noticing what had happened."Hey, You listening I said we're here!." the driver yelled.The mans attention snapped back to what was going on and got off the truck."Yeah, I'm going." the driver turned back to the man."You're american right?" the man nodded.The driver laughed "Well then good luck." he said.The american turned back and asked."Whys that?" The driver replied."Because... you're a foreigner you'll have no idea what to expect." the american replied."Well it's nice to know someone has faith in me." with that the driver laughed and turned around.As he drove by he remarked."And welcome to the zone."

El Presidente

Heh, nice introduction, I liked it.