Rocknroll Minge :IMPORTANT

Started by Ravanger, 11-11-2009

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Well there is a guy on here I forgot to get his steam but he is pretty noticable...

He started trolling and shit so I tryed to call but none was really on so I had to ban him for 600 minutes...

He was a obvious troll,he rdm also.

But here is his steam page.

Permant ban him next time he gets on ok please.

I have no idea who he is ethier but he is a troll and a minge,please for the love of god ban him next time he joins.

He might come back on another steam also,he will change his name obviously but I have him right here so you can check if it is him.


We perma'd him two days ago after we found it was Tails.


RocknRoll = Tails = Dawg = Fail person. Plunger and I took care of him a few days ago (I banned him for something like 9X10^998873 minutes).


Well this guy most likely will come back I onyl banned him 600 minutes. But atleast we have one of his steams.