Rob Newbery History

Started by DeltaFart95, 31-08-2009

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Name: Rob Newbery
Born: June 4th, 1982
Hometown: Hackensack NJ
Preferred Weapon: VSS Vintorez, fall to OC14 Groza in close
Trained originally as a Marine Marksman fighting in the War in Afghanistan, and given a court martial for collateral damage while supporting a convoy attacked by renewed Taliban fighters.  Details still under investigation.
Employed by Black Water for several months on the ship McAuthur in the Gulf of Aden fighting pirates.
Left Black Water to stay neutral upon entering the Zone in 08. Hired as a sniper by the different factions since then.  Ecologists like me since I enjoy killing the zombified stalkers for very little in return, usually ammo or suits.

Hope to RP with you guys soon!