Remember Frostbite?

Started by Plunger, 21-08-2009

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The fail troll I got banned awhile ago is back. This time being an asshat again with empty threats.

9:04 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: So they gave you admin?
9:05 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Heh.
9:05 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Come to troll again?
9:05 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Not realy lol
9:05 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: I never trolled.
9:05 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Funny
9:05 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: All I did is Incyript A Virus
9:06 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Talking to you was stalling
9:06 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Like what virus.
9:06 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: To stay in the server.
9:06 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Clientside Spread.
9:06 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Your virus fails then.
9:06 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: its triggered.
9:06 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Yeh
9:06 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Right
9:06 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: GO ahead.
9:06 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Laugh...
9:07 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Just wait...
9:07 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Heh...
(.Y.) Joshposh5 is now playing Counter-Strike: Source. Click here to join.
9:08 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Yeah
9:08 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: I will laugh
9:08 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Shhhh...
9:08 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Because your a dumbass.
9:08 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: And can't code for shit.
9:08 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Shhhh...
9:08 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: EH?
9:08 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Remeber?
9:08 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: A LONG time ago.
9:08 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Chrisaster?
9:08 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: When I got banned.
9:08 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: When you said it was you.
9:08 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: No...
9:08 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: I was not...
9:08 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Biggest fail ever.
9:09 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: You said it was you.
9:09 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: that was a joke lol
9:09 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: How Fail of you.
9:09 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Hm?
9:09 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: You were serious.
9:09 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: And we laughing at you.
9:09 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Im talking about the OTHER.
9:10 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Right before I got banned A LONG TIME ago.
9:10 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: I got back in.
9:10 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Because the ban list got hacked.
9:10 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: It didn't
9:10 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: There was a massive wipe.
9:10 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: And also there was "server Problems"
9:10 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: And the ban list was wiped as well.
9:10 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: There was no server problems.
9:10 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Dont defend it.
9:10 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: SHHHH....
9:11 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Your not an internet tough guy.
9:11 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Stop acting like one.
9:11 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: You are shit
9:11 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Nor are you.
9:11 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: And will always be shit.
9:11 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: So are you lol
9:11 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: your a gay flamer.
9:11 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Your making empty threats.
9:11 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Yet you dont hear me crying about it.
9:11 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Now go back to whatever the fuck you were doing, and stop being a baby about this.
9:12 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: The clock has started...
9:12 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: You have 3 days.
9:12 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Bullshit
9:12 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Warn them
9:12 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: This is the funny thing ever.
9:12 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Don't belive me...
9:12 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Server is going down tomorrow to switch hosts.
9:12 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Heh...
9:12 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Epic fail.
9:12 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: That 3 Days after that...
9:12 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: ill rejoin...
9:13 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Do it agian...
9:13 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: And do what.
9:13 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Plant a "Virus"?
9:13 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Re Cryipt it.
9:13 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: SHHHHHH...
9:13 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Now is not the time.
9:13 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: God
9:13 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: Your are such an idiot.
9:13 PM - |HGN-STTA| Plunger: It's not even funny how arogant you are.
9:13 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Lawl
9:14 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: Its not even funny wow sad your insults are.
9:14 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: How**
9:14 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: My bad...
9:14 PM - (.Y.) Joshposh5: XD

Thought it would be funny to post it.


Frost was a horrible roleplayer, right?


It is amazingly funny for me to read convos like this from people who have no fucking clue anything about hacking or whatnot. You can't upload viruses as a client in Gmod. Fucking idiot.


Quote from: Paintcheck on 21-08-2009
It is amazingly funny for me to read convos like this from people who have no fucking clue anything about hacking or whatnot. You can't upload viruses as a client in Gmod. Fucking idiot.



Jesus, that was some of the worst trolling ive ever seen
Even VRP wouldnt accept him
Atleast we have standards =P


XD what? hack the server??! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA XD good that you saved the awesome epic conversation.
we shud make a historythread of trolls and shizzors :P that we can save to look at. and remmmeeemmber " Back in the Old days "XD


Oh frostbite...


Oh god I remember Frostbite. I remember when he would run around calling ME a troll and minge to others, and I would just rofl my fucking ass off because of his hypocrisy.