Started by Duranblackraven, 09-02-2010

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*PDA lays in the base, bloody fingerprints stain the screen and case. The display flashes a recorded message.*

"Guys, I don't know what to say but they overpowered me. I don't know when they're coming but I don't think I'll make it out of this one..." Other voices can be heard, the person's speech becoming rushed. "If you get this know I fought as hard as I could, but there were too many...where were you gu-" Static fills the rest, before screaming and other noises fall in the background. The recording ends there, the PDA asking if you'd like to replay what you've heard...

(Guess whaaaaaat. Also yes this is IC. So take it as such.)


Alright, im guessing you left CS. Enjoy your stay in Monolith. You helped us out a lot.
Rusty - Returned to the Zone


I don't think he chose to leave but was instead brainwashed.

Madran Lamont

Yah. and most of the time its not like a fling to go with Mono.