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Started by Sickness, 09-01-2010

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So.. Considering we are a Mercenary faction, we will need mercenary suits.
In the near future we will be making more money from missions, and through my paychecks that I give you. From this money I can purchase you guys suits, but you guys will have to pay around 80% for the suit yourself, while I pay the other 20%. Or something close to that.

So Right now the cheapest mercenary suit is 15,000.
But I'm looking more ahead, I'm looking at the suits that are 30,000.
So to get those suits:

Merc suit (15,000)
You guys pay me 13,000.
I pay the other 2,000.

Camo Merc suit (30,000)

You guys pay me 25,000.
I pay the other 5,000.

If the suit gets lost I will not be able to give you back another suit for free, you will need to pay again.
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So you guy's know, I'll be taking this over to take some of the weight off Sickness. The prices will stay the same, unless they're edited by him in the future, so talk to me (Erik Russell) about the suits instead of Sickness (Rusty).


I approve of him on the suits.
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Madran Lamont

Bruno and i will help