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Started by Steven :D, 17-02-2011

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Steven :D

As people have been wondering, I'm PRETTY SURE that controllers are always STK, especially if someone decides to shoot you instead of just running, failing to establish a proper gear-return notice will mean this; when you die, your stuff gets tossed into a stash, as in your body and any weapons you have on you. Now let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, when I was on my controller 'Revenant' I decided to follow a stalker with a TOZ into a small, empty camp, he turned and started firing upon me after I got close enough, he shots were doing jack shit. He died shortly after when he tried to rush me when I had my claws out. Minutes later I'm being raged at because some silly stalker wanted his gear back after he picked a fight with me when I decided to try and scare him off. Obviously people are going to say "Ohhhh, why did you chase him in the first place? Well, because this:
1) He was ALONE.
2) He saw me approaching and waited for me to get close enough to shoot as well instead of RUNNING.

Now note this: When I am on my controller, I give warnings unless you just start shooting at me. A warning is when I focus you to stare at my zoomed, disfigured face. Ignore these warnings and I will just simply have to take you out for not heeding my warnings and blocking my path. On the roster you can clearly see Hostile to All under my name. Does being a Class B not give any FearRP? I see tons of FearRP for bloodsuckers, but your basically saying "Ok fuck this, I'm going to try and be badass and try to rush this controller, firing a makarov into its face." Nonononononononononono, This has happened multiple times, and their bodies were thrown into ditches sprayed with their blood because they decided to try and rambo a Class B controller. I support the always STK movement but I think there should be FearRP or some reputation at least that will prevent people from lolshooting me halfway across the map and running to some faction base, claiming to be "Safe"

Really? Stalkers should NOT try to fuck with a controller, especially alone.

TL;DR but note this: If you see a controller on, run instead of take pot-shots at it, because I'm not afraid to chase down the dumbass who decided it would be fun to lure a controller into a facton base, or some ignorant people who decided to shoot a controller then run OUT of their base and run to the ecologists attempting to get away from me. Especially if that SOMEONE was in the military and was a regular soldier with standard issue gear and the only one on. I mean seriously? So far this week I have killed over 8 stalkers, including faction members (or so) and amassed tons of loot which I just thrown off somewhere. The loot was aproximately 3 TOZ's, a LR300 two AK74M's and a AKS74u and some makarovs and kabars as well as a L85 or something I believe, I'm not completely sure about everything I tossed about.

Now TL;TL;DR: Run if you don't want to start stuff and If you shoot me, I will NOT STOP CHASING YOU UNTIL I HAVE MY UNHOLY VENGANCE unless you die first



Controller flag is still stupidly overpowered. Don't even bother trying to RP with one.



Well, the controller aura should be controlled by a swep and everything would be fine.
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Steven :D

Quote from: Jake on 17-02-2011
Well, the controller aura should be controlled by a swep and everything would be fine.

There are already two sweps you get, claws and the mindfucker. Three plus the unholstering bullshit is unbearable.


It should be dependant on if you mind fucker or claws out.

If you have hands or anything eles out it should go away.
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Oh boy.
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I did RPed with controller,fun is possible.


QuoteI see tons of FearRP for bloodsuckers,
I beg to differ.


Quote from: Steven :D on 18-02-2011

There are already two sweps you get, claws and the mindfucker. Three plus the unholstering bullshit is unbearable.

With guns being as inaccurate as they are, with the range of the face-raping blueness and the fact that the mindfucking swep makes it literally impossible for anyone to point a gun at you within a 300 mile radius I think calling unholstering "unbearable" is not going to win you a lot of sympathy.