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Started by Wordsworth, 08-09-2009

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Forgive me if this is the wrong section, I'm requesting a PMC/Merc group, the thread says it can be requested at any time.


We at Ravenwood Private Security strive for excellence in every field of Tactics, Security and Defense Dynamics. The Ravewood Team of trained experts promises fast, efficient and effective bang for your buck.

Founded by CEO Bogsdan, Danya. The Ravenwood Security Firm is an up and coming PMC, bidding for a variety of contracts and operations inside the Zone of Exclusion. Originally a group of scavengers and adventurers, it was obvious what potential business awaited the those whom were welling to grasp it, as CEO Bogsdan once said, "The lands are wild, that's for certain. But rich."

Ravenwood offers a variety of packages at low flat rates, these missions include but are not limited too;
* Perimeter Security
* Surveillance and Intelligence Collection
* Search and Rescue
* Search and Destroy
* Recon and Surveillance
* Assault Operations
* Defensive Operations
* Search and retrieval
* Containment and detention

And much more!

How Can I Hire Ravenwood?

Request of Operations can either be submitted through this thread, Private Message on this forum or through In-Character interaction at Ravenwood's Base or Camp.

Depending on the requested operation, the price changes, obviously some operations of more sensitive then others and will cost a pretty penny, otherwise things like Security for any amount of time will be rather cheap, 300RU depending on length of Security Contract, number of guards and other factors.

Training today to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

RAVENWOOD, the Ukraine's top Private Security Firm, is now recruiting tough men and women to join the ongoing Zone Operations Task Force, Raven's Talon. Prior experience is not needed, all training, meals and clothing will be provided. All you need is the willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

All it takes is one simple application sheet, it's that easy! Once completed Ravenwood will review said sheet and hire depending on the abilities of the applicant. Positions of application are as follows:

* CEO (Position filled)
* Co-CEO (Position reserved)
* Security Contractor (Positions Limitless)
* Security Chief (Position limited to one at this time)
* Logistical Support / Logistics Clerk (Positions limited)

((IC Information))
Place of Birth:
Spouses, Children:
Previous Employment:
Valuable Skills:
Why do you want to be part of the Ravenwood Team?:
What makes you suited for Private Security?:
Position being applied for: (See above)
Other comments:

((OOC Information))
Steam Name:
Steam ID:
Time Zone:
Other Comments:

Faction Relations

Freedom: Neutral
Duty: Neutral
Military: Neutral
Loners: Neutral
Mercs: Neutral
Traders Union: Friendly
Bandits: Neutral
Monolith: Neutral
Ecologists: Neutral

Employment Listings
* CEO Danya Bogsdan (Wordsworth)
* Secretary Katerina Levinov
* Security Chief Marrisa Nazarenko (Torch - LOL COLLEGE)
* Security Contractor Goose Chenikov
RAVENWOOD - The Ukraine's top Private Security Firm is looking for tough men and women to join The Zone Special Task Force.

Ravenwood, Training Today to Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow!