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Started by Sickness, 09-09-2009

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I already posted this in General chat, but I think it fits in here more since it has to do with bandits and stalker rp. So I'm thinking of disbanding my group Chernobyl shadows beacuse members join and then never ever play, and those that do play just leave to join a major faction. So this is a bit annoying being by myself in a bandit group.. So all Im asking is for a quick vote to keep this group alive or just remove it. You decide.
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Murder it!
Don't really need a faction for bandits,Just gives people a chance to have weapons,Find and roleplay with a group of people and eventually just meet up now and then.
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I wouldn't really think of Bandits as this organized. I would think they say things like: "Hey! You! We're doing a raid on the Loner camp, help us for fuck's sake."
Sorry Sickness, I'd prefer it if the group would be disbanded.
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The Bandit faction in CS was disbanded because of differences with each other and turning on each other, it doesn't seem right to have a faction for bandits unless you were all former members of the major factions that got kicked out.
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This will be up till Friday. Results = Kill it.
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