Private PDA Message to Khaletskiy from Plague.

Started by OxTox, 07-09-2009

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Hello dear fucking Khaletskiy... It's a good thing you left me alive for some.. Two of your hired Merc' are already perforated and well, since I couldn't find you I just payed a little visit to your favorit bar.

**Pictures of the bar burning are attached.

Sincerely fucking yours, Plague. ~Don't fuck with me again.

El Presidente

**Vladimir removes his PDA from his jacket, scrolling down throughout the message before grinning slightly, he then turns his view to Plague.**

Vladimir Stukov: Remind me not to fuck with you again.


*Khaletskiy pulls his PDA from his leather pocket, and flips it around. Upon receiving the message when opened, a smile is brought to Khaletskiy's eye*

*Khaletskiy hits the "reply" button, and types a rather small message*

"I hope you enjoy bounties, large ones as well! Miss...Plague. I hope you know this will not go un-noticed. How large would you like the bounty? Thirty thousand, Fourty Thousand, FIFTY thousand? It could go on and on! But if I see you again, I'll deal with you myself you dumb fucking bitch. I should've smashed your teeth in right there! Anywho, enjoy the bounty. I'm sure the master mercenaries will enjoy it."

*Khaletskiy pockets his PDA, with a smile on his face*


**Aleksandra 'Plague' Artamova takes out her PDA. And sends a message to Khaletskiy.

"Hmm, i'm not sure if you got out alive when we were down in Agropom, what's your casual rate, mine's zero, and also thanks for the SKAT, I hope you enjoyed the cold chill with just your boots you stupid fuck. Next time you try and mess with me, i'll send your body dismembered in a plastic back to your mother with a smiley face on it you dumb fuck. Oh and a hint, don't come with your fat lackey's again because they can't do fucking shit."

**Aleksandra 'Plague' Artamova shows the message to Vladimir and grins once more and says to Vladimir: "Luckily that thing healed you, I wonder what happend to the Monolith chick tough.."

El Presidente

**Vladimir Stukov inspects the message momentarily before turning his attention to Aleksandra and speaking the phrase: "Yeah... I'm never going to forget what happened down there..."


*Khaletskiy pulls out his compact PDA, and flips it around. Upon further inspection, a new message has been received. The message is opened, and Khaletskiy is greeted with a rather hilarious message*

*Khaletskiy hits the respond button, still chuckling*

"I hope you enjoy the pieces of that SKAT suit. Your skill in battle is extraordinarily good. But I do admit, your anger and rage I find quite amusing.

Tell me, what makes you so angry? From the sound of your messages, your life itself is a spiral of hatred and anger. Which is a shame, honestly. If you hadn't shot those poor people crossing over from the town to get to the bar, this would have never happened. Now tell me, what provoked you to do this? Was it your own self gain, your hate for others, and your anger? I'm gonna have to say it was all three....

Furthermore, you show great skill in battle, and have the ability to escape any situation. I have dropped the bounty, because you earned the right to have it dropped.

But, I did transfer it over to the Military! I hope you enjoy the feeling of having Military Stalkers hunt you down for a large paycheck. This isn't my business anymore, I'm afraid. But I hope you have fun.

Oh, and PS: Tell your boyfriend to stop fucking your vagina. His irradiated small dick ain't gonna do anything down there."